View Full Version : Game is fully installed, keeps telling me it's not.

23rd Aug 2016, 21:00
Half a dozen times now I have tried to start the mission after Dubai. Up until that point nothing was wrong (PS4 player btw) but as soon as the bombing starts I get a message saying that the game isn't installed, and it takes me back to the main menu.

Now I've uninstalled and reinstalled, and the message now appears the moment I complete the Dubai mission (since my last auto-save available is right at the missions end)

I can't find anyone having the same problem, with this 'game is installed but isn't' message, can anyone offer any advice?

23rd Aug 2016, 21:57
I had this problem. What you don't want to do is to uninstall, because that starts the process over again. I think it's just the game unpacking, but I had to first play the story for a bit (Dubai) before it would let me play Breach. Then I got to where you were stuck (the train station bombing) and I went played Breach for an hour or so. Only then would it let me get past that point. It's really annoying to because I had to play the end of the Dubai mission several times, skip all the skippable cutscenes and then do the walk up to the bombing like 3-4 times. (This was on PS4.)

23rd Aug 2016, 22:54
So far no change, still can't get past Dubai without being told the game has yet to be installed. Is there ANY info on this problem? PS4's been running all day, there's nothing in my download section, nothing that says this game is trying to download/install at all. Getting VERY frustrated.

23rd Aug 2016, 23:20
Atleast you can play part of the game. It will not even finish initial installation on my computer.