View Full Version : Crashes at train station in windowed mode, with video (PC)

23rd Aug 2016, 20:32
My machine can run all the next gen games fine, and it runs this too, up until the explosion at the train station.

ALL of my drivers are up to date by the way.

I chose, after the 5th time trying, to run it on the lowest settings possible in windowed mode and it still crashed. I'm not very happy about it.


24th Aug 2016, 02:03
I too am having the same issue. In the exact same spot. Just as the explosion sounds my game CTD with no error.

24th Aug 2016, 05:07
If it can help, i got this problem twice, then I've been able to pass it by doing all that is written there : http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=190793

Lower the graphic settings ==> Preset medieum
Deselect DLC content from the game's properties in the library => In steam game properties, deselect all DLC
Run the game in windowed mode
Turn off subtitles

24th Aug 2016, 07:18
My solution, posted this here : http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=190812

Hi !
I had same kind of problems, my solution was to change PhysX -setting from "auto" to "gpu" (nVidia Control Panel). Game hasn't crashed since... Had same problem with GTA 5.
(Game crashed when loading, and when watching the attack on train station)