View Full Version : Game wont complete preload or even download at all.

23rd Aug 2016, 20:01
Game preloaded. Came home and steam tried to download the rest but it did not download. Waited for an hour still nothing stuck at 0 download speed, other updates for other games is working fine.

I tried to delete the preloaded content to download from fresh. That caused steam to crash. Tried again, now download shows done about 30% but still stuck not downloading. No data file is being created for me in the steam folder so its not like I can delete it from there as well.

No idea what to do.

23rd Aug 2016, 23:08
It would be in the steamapps/download folder, but it won't fix your issue. I let it "Unpack" for 3 hours earlier, and steam just sat at 0 disk usage for the whole 3 hours, still cannot play.