View Full Version : PC- 1st Mission Invisible Walls & Objects

23rd Aug 2016, 19:50
I'm on the very first mission and am seeing a lot of floating objects I'm guessing are supposed to be on top of boxes that are invisible. I've also ran into some instances where I can see through all the walls of a map if I stand and look in a certain angle. The biggest part I had this happen to me at was during the stealth and combat tutorials. After I finished the combat tutorial, I was trying to continue the mission but I ran into a section with a lot of invisible walls and then proceeded to fall through the map and die. I hope that these issues can be addressed because it really takes away from the game when there are such major bugs.

GTX 1060 6Gb
Intel I5 6600K

24th Aug 2016, 20:30
Having the same issue. After the second tutorial (where you learn how to use the cloaking aug) there are missing assets everywhere in the game. Haven't fall down yet but the issue keeps me from finishing the tutorial mission. My specs are GTX 960, Intel i7 3770 with 8GB RAM. Have tried all graphics settings (presets and individual) and still the same issue. I bought the Digital Deluxe edition.