View Full Version : Deus Ex MD Breach PS4 Feeezing Screen.

23rd Aug 2016, 19:45
Hey Guys

I finishied today the campaign Story and was for me very good, and so a i wanna try Breach. When i start the Breach Modus i could play till the tutorial was over. Then happen a Crash and i Start the game new. When i wanna try to play Breach it freezing the screen. I cant do anything nothing:( so have someone the same problem? And i hope it will be soon fixed. It happening on the PS4


31st Aug 2016, 12:52
Yes i have the same problem. The problem for me is im a trophy hunter and if this problem will not be fixed i cant get platinum. I spend a lot of hours on this game all i need is the 'Breach' trophies but as soon as i start it it freezes. Today i got the 1.03 patch and still not fixed. AND NOWHERE ON THE INTERNET I CAN CHECK WHAT IS PATCH 1.03??? Can someone help me?

31st Aug 2016, 14:09
Same here. Even with 1.03 patch released today, still freeze in Breach intro.

31st Aug 2016, 18:11
This is happening to me as well. However, if I let the game sit a few minutes on the frozen cutscene, it eventually loads into Breach.