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8th Jul 2002, 20:21
Ok, this is really weird! I've got a stupid prob :o
I didn't have this problem earlier and now I do :(

I can't make door_type1 and door_type2 open the way I need - outwards Lara. Well, when I trigger them they open towards Lara (inside the room where Lara is) but they are supposed to open outside!!! I can't turn them in the LE. I don't know what's happening :confused: When I right click on the door (in editor) it rotates inside one square and I need it to be rotated outside!
What's the prob?

:o :o :o


8th Jul 2002, 21:04
I'm not good in explaining, but I'll do my best, since I had this a few days ago too:

O - squares outwards Lara
Q- squares towards Lara
_ - Doors

You propably have it set up like this

OO (the doors are placed on these squares)

And the doors open in the directon of the Q's

The solution is to place the the doors on the Q squares, rotate them as needed (alligning to O's)
And if needed, switch places (if they open in the wrong direction in-game)

If they were on the Q squares and opened in the wrong direction, then just do the same thing, placing them on the O squares.

Hope this solves your problem (it should, at least)

8th Jul 2002, 21:42
Yep, eTux, that solved the problem - thanx :) (how could I forget trying it from the opposite side? :o )

However, I checked the tutorial (there's the same situation just after the "First Room") - the doors between the First Room and the hall are placed in the hall and they open outwards Lara when she triggers them! (In my case I would have placed them in the first room to work properly)

Any explanation on this? :rolleyes:

Well, this can be achieved by doing so:

1) create a room e.g. 5 squares in lenght ;
2) place those two doors on the left side of the room;
3) bound the room to 4 squares in lenght so that those two doors remained outside the room
4) rotate them until they are face to face with the wall;

That's it - but I don't think they did it this way...

If anyone knows I'd still like to know that :)


9th Jul 2002, 09:35
It's really not a big mystery. Different doors work differently, so it depends on where you got the doors.
Those doors in the tutorial are made to swing INTO the square they are placed on. I think all doors work like that (except the seth door). It made the programming easier.