View Full Version : Game crashes at prague bomb attack Xbox

23rd Aug 2016, 18:27
After Dubai mission I'm in Prague and after bomb explosion screen goes black and game crashes. Reinstall doesn't work. Please help.

23rd Aug 2016, 18:39
This happens on the PC as well, every time.

23rd Aug 2016, 19:08
As a workaround, could you guys try running the game in windowed mode?

23rd Aug 2016, 19:11
Windowed mode didn't help for me (neither did forced fullscreen), but I got it to work after trying for about an hour (and repeating the stupid last mission part over and over again).

What did the trick was disabling V-Sync and lowering all graphic options to the lowest setting (low preset). After that the cutscene which crashed the game played properly. This was with maximised fullscreen (the one where you can still move the mouse out of the screen to a second screen without minimising).

23rd Aug 2016, 19:58
On Xbox One it doesn't work. When I'm at train station and I see the explosion, game freeze when adam says: Alex? Are you all right? Sometimes screen goes black and after few seconds game crashes.