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23rd Aug 2016, 18:04
Has anyone found any config hacks to fix the control scheme in Mankind Divided?

I mean who does a game in 2016 which doesn't have even the barebones control configs? Crouch and walk forced as toggle controls and aim as hold control is 100% the other way I've been playing games my whole life (since I've been playing games that require exact control on movement), so re-learning that to the polar opposite for one game doesn't sound very appealing (even though it's the game I've been waiting for ages!). I simply can't understand how these aren't configs in the game when pretty much every game out there has toggle/hold control settings, at least through config files...

Yet unbelievably this isn't even the worst thing. When using the low sensitivity setting (and no mouse acceleration, so when the basic movement is ok for me, at least horizontally), the scoped in state is pretty much useless - the sensitivity is scaled down so much that I literally have to sweep the WHOLE width of my mousepad just to move the aim two scopewidths horizontally. And even yet more amazing, this isn't the worst still, as the vertical step-down is even worse (there seems to be some in the non-scoped view as well) - the whole mousepad height gets me one(1) single scope height of movement. When you combine this with having to hold down a button the movement becomes even more restricted and awkward, basically non-playable.

I am much dissapoint, such let down and don't know what to think now... At least I wont be playing the game until I can get this fixed somehow cos I don't want to spoil the experience with raging for the controls. Which also means I need to stay away from Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter to avoid spoilers... Sad life.

24th Aug 2016, 13:03
I made an account just to be able to talk about these horrible mouse controls (and keyboard too). I'm used to switch from target to target like any other game, but it's impossible now, it takes so much effort to put the mouse exaclty where you want it. For example, I got as far as the Helicopter scene, the soldiers get killed by "invisible" guys, so as usual I jumped down to kick some ass. Killed one guy from the the jump blast (holding Q), then 3 guys came to me, it was like I was a child who had never touched a gun before, unable to aim, i mean at all (if you've seen Millions ways to die in the west, i was shooting a the bottles like Seth)... After that quit and uninstalled, it was only 30 minutes in...

I'm also wondering why nobody is talking about that on here. I hope someone from the dev team sees this thread and does something about it, pronto! Even No Man's Sky has better controls options than this, just saying!

As someone who enjoyed HR so much, this was a huge let down. First time I refunded a AAA game ever on steam.

24th Aug 2016, 20:11
Yeah. I'm currently thinking of refunding as well since its pretty much unplayable in its current state, specially for anyone playing competitive FPS games.

To whoever that doesn't make sense, let me explain: On competitive FPS games most of your aiming is done by muscle memory, which also requires things like zero mouse acceleration etc. in order to get one-to-one mouse movement. The thing is that once you have your setup and have muscle memory for it, your aim is much faster and accurate but aiming with any other kind of setup becomes useless since your muscle memory is off. This is why we have configurable controls. Relearning muscle memory for one game could take weeks (depending how much you can play etc.), then you could play the game properly, after which you have to re-learn it back like it was for the other games where you suddenly cant hit anything now. This also applies for keyboard controls, things like being able to set toggle/hold for things like crouch, walk and aim.

So, in it's current state, it hardly makes sense to play. Or play and not enjoy since everything you do is off and you just spend your time raging at the controls.