View Full Version : [Eyefinity/Surround] Black Bars on the side.

23rd Aug 2016, 17:52
So.... i tried to play Deus Ex Mankind Divided on my Triplemonitor Setup....
did NOT work out as expected!


Whats with these black bars on the side?
Why is it limited to a 21:9 middle part?

I can totally understand making CutScenes and Dialogues blocked by Black Bars because it would kill the immersion... but the normal Gameplay? common.... whats wrong with you guys?

23rd Aug 2016, 18:23
Those black bars are actually a tiny bit smaller than 21:9, since if you're on 21:9 you also get small black bars on either side. See

24th Aug 2016, 23:26
Thank you verry much for fixing it with patch 524.7 :)



25th Aug 2016, 18:22
After playing around with the Settings i somehow broke it again.

Now my settings are like this:

And i get the Black Bars again...

Even chaning the Registry entry for MultiMonitorEnable to 1 or deleting the whole registry entry before starting the game does not bring back the Eyefinity mode :(

Any idea how to fix this?
There are ONLY registry options right? didn't find anything in the Steam Folder, or AppData Folder or myDocuments....