View Full Version : STEAM: Download Stuck, Game Not Updating, Unpacking Issues

23rd Aug 2016, 17:39
So...What's the deal here?

If you look over on the STEAM forums for DE:MK you'll see a ton of threads about the game not updating on the STEAM client, stuck downloads, unpacking problems, and the inability to play when the game went live today for PC.

Is anyone at Square Enix even AWARE of the STEAM issues? If so...are you guys even going to acknowledge these issues and give us some solutions?

I would really like to play this game today.

23rd Aug 2016, 18:20
Having exactly the same problem. Plenty of Disc usage showing but absolutely no download rate whatsoever.

Completed all other updates for my other games no problem but refuses to even begin downloading this day 1 update.

Come on guys, sort it out...

23rd Aug 2016, 19:59
Game preloaded. Came home and steam tried to download the rest but it did not download. Waited for an hour still nothing stuck at 0 download speed, other updates for other games is working fine.

I tried to delete the preloaded content to download from fresh. That caused steam to crash. Tried again, now download shows done about 30% but still stuck not downloading. No data file is being created for me in the steam folder so its not like I can delete it from there as well.