View Full Version : Volunteer for better Prague

23rd Aug 2016, 12:19
Dear Square Enix, I love your Deus Ex series, I´ve ordered MD already, today it´s supposed to be delivered. Present YT videos currently available are very cool and I honestly look forward to play this great game. BUT even for now I am already VERY disappointed from Czech inscriptions, labels etc. I am Czech and I live in Prague and sometimes it looks like You´ve used some Google translator or stg. like that. I know that no one gives a ***** about our little republic but for this kind of high budget game I expected more e.g. some Czech advisor or at least someone who knows that "Překážka" is czech translation for obstacle, not for street or crossing or what was originally intended. You can see that on every red street label, that´s really frustrating. And of course there is more of it. So if there would be any possibility for me to cooperate on Czech translation (labels, infos, posters etc.) of this great game, I offer You my service for free and I mean it seriously. It is supposed to be the great game so why not to make it greatest right? :)