View Full Version : Deus Ex Universe App scanner help needed.

22nd Aug 2016, 20:43
Is this thing supposed to be working yet? I'm scanning the triangles I've found in the game but it just constantly says "Ensure you have sufficient lighting and that the triangle is centred correctly in the screen blah blah".

The triangle IS correctly centred in the middle of the screen and yes, of course I have sufficient lighting. If broad daylight isn't sufficient lighting then I'm not sure what is...

Or are these codes not supposed to work yet?

23rd Aug 2016, 13:33
My phone also had similar problems, it finally worked after a few tries and fiddling around with it, works better with very minimal room lighting and during the scanning process move the scanner close and far from the screen...not ideal but it worked for me eventually.

28th Aug 2016, 03:26
I can't even get it to login so you are doing better than me. I've tried 2 phones, a tablet, multiple wifi networks, 4g, and a vpn...nothing works