View Full Version : Can't get my steam key from my box version of the game.

22nd Aug 2016, 17:29
I'm so annoyed that im ready to break something. To get my steam key i need to use redeem software. When i try to start it i get you are missing api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-2-0 error. Ofc i instaled it even reinstaled microsoft visual c++ but now i get error message. (0x000007b) that it wasnt properly started and that it will shut down this god awfull app. Why couldn't you use normal stem key in the box insteat of this crap. Key to get key. It's ridiculous. Tried it on 3 different pc with windows 7. Same ****. I'm gonna contact the store and take my money back.

22nd Aug 2016, 20:42
same problem. but if you copy the redeem.exe & redeem.ini to your desktop it will run...... but then you'll get "insert original cd".

23rd Aug 2016, 15:00

The workaround starts at 6:30

1. Insert the DVD.
2. Go to Computer, right click on the drive with the DVD of the game and choose Open (note the drive letter for later).
3. Copy files: game.bmp, gui.bmp, Redeem.exe and Redeem.ini to a folder on your hard drive.
4. Create a shortcut to Redeem.exe on your hard drive.
5. Right click on newly created shortcut and choose Properties.
6. In a shortcut tab, change Start in: to X:\ where X is your DVD drive letter.
7. Start the program using shortcut.