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21st Aug 2016, 04:55
Can we please get a Deus Ex remaster? It would be a dream come true. Redo dialogue where needed (most of Hong-Kong for example, but keep JC Denton and the good acting the same) and fix stuff like hacking but keep the ideas of the game the same such as unique body limb damage, augmentation canisters and etc. It makes too much sense not to do imo. We've got the Deus Ex Universe thing going on and a fully remade Deus Ex would be mind-blowing because in some ways, and I mean this in all respect to your incredible sequels, the original does have some things over the newer games. I do think the story is the best of the games, I easily think the music is the best of the games, the weapons, gameplay features, characters, levels and places etc. Hell, even hire Warren Spector to work on it again! He has said once before that he would love to see the game remade. It makes a lot of sense to me to remake it, maybe even with Invisible War remade in the same way you would be with the original and Human Revolution included in a package as it originally was because I would say most people playing the new games are missing out on a LOT and have never played the first two, far more importantly the first game.

It's a cult classic game and is extraordinary even in todays games in every way. I truly believe it would be a huge success and a very good idea to remake it if I really think about it. Please Eidos, please please consider it. Deus Ex Revision was absolutely not a remaster or remake, in fact I think it's worse than the original in almost every way, and is not the remake the game needs.

Also if you do a remake (please, again), hire Alexander Brandon again to do the music. The original still has the best soundtrack in any game ever in my opinion and the game wouldn't be the same without his music.

Hope you guys read this and will consider! :D Thanks guys! :worship::wave:

P.S: To anyone reading this, please don't mention any spoilers from Mankind Divided as I have yet to even see gameplay of it and want to save it for when I play it myself. Thanks.

21st Aug 2016, 07:14
that would be great.

21st Aug 2016, 22:06
Why? As someone who grew up on DX1, I don't see the point. Leave it untouched like it deserves as a classic.

23rd Aug 2016, 22:58
Why? As someone who grew up on DX1, I don't see the point. Leave it untouched like it deserves as a classic.

I used to feel like that until I realized how many people just won't ever play the original Deus Ex with it looking the way it does. If they did a proper remake, which is to say they kept almost all of the original mechanics completely intact and didn't shoehorn in stuff like third-person cover or takedowns, I would be all for it as a means for people who never played the original to finally understand what made it so fantastic.

24th Aug 2016, 17:38
But that's the problem, isn't it?

If you want to remaster this game for audiences that know DX from HR and then MD, those audiences will ha certain expectations (that will probably include a 3rd person cover system).

They'll have no idea what are the "skills". Why are there suddently lockpicks, and where did crafting go?

These are the types of features that would have to be included for it to make financial sense to do a remake. But can this be shoehorned in without disturbing other elements of DX's design? How much temptation will there be to replace DX's organic free flow approach with EM's conventional "pillars"?

Seriously, let it go. Those genuinely curious can find the original and multiple mods to make it look presentable as is, and experience the gameplay that many here still think is magic. Those who don't want to go digging it up probably won't miss much, as DX is not a very good game by modern mass-market sensibilities.

25th Aug 2016, 15:02
You could actually create a very good remake with the current engine. Auxiliary aspects would have to change, but I assume all these prequels are a run up to a remade version of the first game which should have relatively the same storyline when it comes out and will switch over to JC as protagonist.

They'd be fools not to at least use dx1's story for serious overhaul. Sneaking through a revamped Liberty island would be great.

25th Aug 2016, 18:54
I played the original DX about 17x and am still discovering new things. This game needs a remastering. I am willing to pay 500 bucks for it.

27th Aug 2016, 01:44
To be fair, the Homeworld remaster was done pretty well. They kept all the missions the same, as well as the look of the ships. Granted, there were some issues with other things because they ported it into the HW2 engine, but from what I understand (I haven't played it in six months or so) they've patched in some of the original gameplay mechanics.

Of course, there aren't any new games in the franchise (other than Sands of Kharak, but that's a ground-based RTS) where people have new features that they might miss playing the older game(s) (aknowledging your point, Tverdyj), but it was definitely well-recieved in general both critically and commercially, especially from players of the originals.

That said, if done right, a DX remaster COULD work. I wouldn't play it if they updated the gameplay to something like DXHR or MD, but if they kept it the same as the original, remastered the sounds (including voice acting - keep the original files but just make them sound better), visuals, and maybe made the areas a bit more explorable (taking advantage of modern engines and hardware), it might work.

I wouldn't expect it to go over well with new players, though. For many of the reasons Tverdyj pointed out, as well as it being a fairly complex game. I've known many people that tried to play it back in the day and just couldn't get past the first level (and I don't mean the Police Boat "bug" :D ). They were too used to run and gun shooters and were just getting their asses kicked. You CAN play the first level that way, but you still have to be smart about it. On top of that, the thing nowadays seems to be people trying to get through games as quickly as possible. People would miss so much of the flavor and greatness of the game by doing that, instead of taking the time to REALLY explore and read stuff, and run through the dialogue options, etc.

I still play my copy (same disc I bought day of release, which means I have to manually add the patch, since only the GotY version is already patched - well, and the Steam version, I suppose) at least once per year, and still find new things, or hear new dialogue that I've missed.

Tl;dr - I'm torn between wanting a remaster, and not wanting one.