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20th Aug 2016, 06:47
Hi, as the time draws closer, I'm getting excited for the new Mankind Divided and how we all will be playing it.

First time using the poll system, hopefully its up there.
In terms pf Augmentation

**No Aug
My first thought was to continue my no aug playthrough like in DX:HR
just using what is given from the start. Then go all out ib New Game +

**Canon Augs?
Just started playing DX:Go (great game, my first "Go" game)

if it's canon means he should have some of those augs available to Adam.
Blades, remote hack, bash wall, Pep-arm, etc...
i might consider adding those for the story.

**Augs only!!!
Is it all that's cracked up to be.
Can we rely purely on our Augs...

**No restrictions
Everything goes, augs, guns, bombs, etc.

So what will you be trying?

Which style do u think i should go with?