View Full Version : I purchased this game 9/19/2015 and was told I'd get 3 day early access...

19th Aug 2016, 23:23
Come to find out my pre-order, which I did on that date, is no longer being HONORED! Can someone with authority please contact me? This is now what I paid for... I paid for access today. I have proof.

20th Aug 2016, 17:07
I preordered Deus Ex Mankind Divided early on around 6/10/2016 on Xbox one Xbox store. I was under the understanding that by preordering early I would get a free copy of Deus Ex Human Revolution within 10 days of my purchase as well as have early access to the game on Friday August 19th 2016 as I had purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition on the Xbox Store but now the xbox store page is saying that the game will be available on 10/19/2016 not 8/19/2016 but the game hub page itself and Xbox support staff both concur that the game releases next Tuesday on the 23rd of August, can someone please explain this **** and tell me why I do not have my early access and why the date on the xbox store says 10/19/2016 when xbox support staff cannot see what I see on the store page? :mad::scratch::mad:

21st Aug 2016, 00:31
The augment your pre-order program was cancelled when there was a backlash on the Internet, see the news section of the Deus Ex web site. Therefore, no early access. The game releases next week on August 23.