View Full Version : If I didn't finish Deus Ex: Human Revolution, should I

18th Aug 2016, 20:25
I played Deux Ex: Human Revolution a good while ago on the Xbox 360.
There was a boss I couldn't get past mid-game in some warehouse or other and that was that.

My Xbox One has downloaded a backwards copy of DE:HR for me,
so my question is, is it worth replaying and completing DE:HR before Mankind Divided?

Or is that now entirely a side-matter?

What's your instinct please?

18th Aug 2016, 20:53
The story is supposed to be following the events of DXHR and also trying to link to the events of the first game, which were taking place after those of the two newer games. So yes, would probably a good idea but probably not a must. Wether or not MD does a good job with linking those games remains to be seen anyway - the first review indicates otherwise.

18th Aug 2016, 21:14
PC has Director's Cut where boss fights are fixed, not sure if they have that on consoles, probably not. I'm playing HR now for 3rd time I think, can't say that I enjoy it a great deal though, not sure if I'll finish.

19th Aug 2016, 12:13
I can tell you now that there's a 12 minute video summarizing the whole Human Revolution plot just before you start Mankind Divided first Mission. Of course you can skip it, it's not forced.

21st Aug 2016, 11:29
Thanks for all the comments, I am replaying DEHR and will hopefully finish it before starting the next one.
By contrast it should also make the graphics on the next one look terrific.