View Full Version : K.I. Meet N' Greet-Final Details

8th Jul 2002, 17:13
What is it?
1st Annual King's Island/TR Meet N' Greet

When is it?
Saturday, July 27th and possibly Sunday, July 28th

Where is it
King's Island Theme Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

What time is it?
Meet at the front gates, in front of the huge flower bed at 11am.

Who is invited?
All tombraiders and raiderettes!

How much does it cost?
1 day tickets are $41.99 at the main gate. Those of you that have season passes or gold member passes will have to check in at a seperate gate (this I have already checked on for you that have these.) Bring enough money to get you through the night as we will be staying to see the fireworks display.

Why are we doing this?
Because I have nothing better to do with my time this summer than fly in 3 of my best friends (you know who you are), and to meet other TR obsessed fans such as myself.

Please note: Do not reply to this thread this is merely for information. Should you have any questions or are truly serious about coming, you will need to PM me by Friday, July 12th.


14th Jul 2002, 08:13
Dang Kat . YOu almost sounded like you knew what you were talking about !!! Youz so good!!!

Everyone listen up!!!! Kat is of the knowing!!!! Follow her guidelines and you're life will be grand and wonderful!!!! {maybe} LOL:)

14th Jul 2002, 17:10
Hi, Kat. Well, I don't know what "PM" is but I sent you an email. (the address in the other thread.) I didn't get a reply so I don't know if you got it. I don't know how clear I've made myself about intending to go, but I do intend to.

The only thing is that there are a couple things that could come up (aren't there always?) that could be a problem. On the other hand, one involves someone in Ohio interested in buying my car who probably doesn't live terribly far from KI.

14th Jul 2002, 21:35
rimfire, PM is a private message. You can send them here. Click the little PM button at the bottom of Kat's post. ;)

15th Jul 2002, 05:33
There you guys go expecting everyone to think all the time !! How rude can you possibly get??? LMAO
Lord knows I don't do it unless I absoultly HAVE to. It hurts some of us ya know! :P J/K