View Full Version : Unable to download patch files. [30413] [25008] [20495]

14th Aug 2016, 07:06
So I havent played in years and I uninstalled FFXIV, I decided to play again and use my 60 card that I hadn't touched. I downloaded the setup and logged into the client, it started patching the game. At about 500mb/22000 I get the "Unable to download patch files. [30413] [25008] [20495]" and I have no clue how to fix it. I'm currently using windows 7 x64 if anyone could help me that's be great. I've disabled my avast shield also when downloading/installing the setup and running the client to patch.

18th Aug 2016, 04:00
I am having the same issue as I have had to reinstall my windows 10, can someone please tell me how to get past this or how I can really contact Square Enix, as I am having problems getting someone to help me with this problem , thanks in advance, I really love this game and want to get back to my characters.