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8th Jul 2002, 16:08
I cannot remap any vertices!

I followed Turbo's instructions exactly
But when i tried to remap the verticed on my new mesh, i cannot
I cannot do it, even if i import the same mesh back!

Can anyone help?
Im using Strpix 3.8r1

8th Jul 2002, 18:51
Larz, I'm SURE I read somewhere that using Strpix 3.5 is the best for remapping, I'm not entirely certain, here's a link for a download, and more info, I think.

"(8-20-2001) StrPix3.5_revision 3
StrPix3(revision 3) program helps to solve
.dxf file "vertex points" problems when CAD buildingTRLE objects "

there's a download link for this on the actual page you mentioned by Turbo Pascal here
Lara's Head mesh problem and download link for Strpix3.5 (http://home.acadia.net/userpages/vagrant/tr4/larasfix.html)

8th Jul 2002, 20:09
Thanks Litepulsar. :D

I was able to remap vertices on Strpix 3.8 before, but i was having problems recently.

Strpix 3.5 works perfectly. It's like a cross between Strpix 3.8 and Strpix 2.

Strpix 3.8 is more advanced and has more features
But Strpix 2 is much more stable and doesn't corrupt wads.

8th Jul 2002, 20:46
I cannot thank you enough, Litepulsar! :D

I finally got the ponytail to mesh correctly.

I remembered MD_Nut's tip to resave with Strpix 3.4 after remap in any version above 3.4.

It finally worked. My anger has subsided, and it's all thanks to you and MD_Nut.