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11th Aug 2016, 21:21
Does anyone know (hopefully a developer can pipe in), if the Deus Ex Mankind Divided PC version have Multi GPU or Crossfire support? If so, when? I already pre ordered the game from steam...I expect no crossfire support on day one, but that would be awesome if it was going to have crossfire support soon after release.

My System Specs:
I7 6700k
R9 Fury X x2
Corsair 32gb LPX DDR4 RAM
Gigabyte z170x Gaming 6 MOBO
1tb Samsung 850 EVO SSD for Games
Windows 10 Home 64
AX 1500i

25th Aug 2016, 10:19
TBH I'm getting seriously annoyed that an advanced and mature tech is constantly forgotten about by games companies thereby denying players like us (those who CAN afford to run 2 or more GPU's) access to their "PREMIER" titles until they can be bothered to patch or fix it.

I'm running eyefinity @ 5910x1080 and on MIN settings all I get is 34.8fps max, 3.8fps min in the benchmark (at best) and that was with crossfire off!

It's high time such information (Crossfire/custom resolutions/VR support yes or no) was PUBLISHED openly alongside the system requirements for every title BEFORE launch! Then we can choose not to bother, wait till it hits the sales or, the bargain basement bins....

Why it's not a legal requirement for this to be the case is a mystery to me...

Do games companies REALLY think it's acceptable to deny access to their game to those players who pay the most money in order to get the best from the games they play and PAY FOR IN ADVANCE!

I now want some form of compensating for being forced to wait for Square/AMD to pull their finger out and sort the problem or I go for a full refund and go back to Warframe!......

AMD 9590 BE + Corsair H105 CPU cooler
Asus Sabretooth Rev 2.0
16GB DDR3 2133MHz
Sapphire 8GB VaporX R9 290X x 2
256GB Samsung 850 Pro + 3TB HDD storage
Win 10
AMD Crimson 16.7.3 and Hotfix 16.8.2

25th Aug 2016, 14:04
And this is why, exactly why, I ditched my 2 AMD cards and now have a single gtx1080 , which runs the game flawlessly on ultra @60fps with no MSAA.