View Full Version : Tomb Raider II touch controls

8th Aug 2016, 23:25
I've googled the dog out of it to no avail so here's some of the TRII moves, maybe obvious to the pro TRII players, but I've recently started the older TRs recently and maybe this will help newer players

Hang from ledge tap walk icon than up arrow
Tap bottom of up arrow once or twice quickly

The circle arrow button
Jump+down arrow or circle arrow

Swan Dive
Jump+forward+bottom of forward arrow (manual walk not the walk button)
Jump forward+walk icon

Turning is easier using diagonal
Frees up jump finger, can use strafe while moving forward to turn as well

Small gaps
Jump than a direction keeps you from over jumping
Jump than right for right summersalt

Tapping back makes lara hop backwards,
Touching the back tip of the down arrow steps back
Back end of forward arrow walks forward (without walk icon pressed)

I hope this helps touch screen users like me with no bluetooth controller.
Seen a lot of confusion and rage about control set up and since I've learned some small details about the movement I've did ok. Gl to you touch screen gamers it's still difficult, but don't give up. :)