View Full Version : Multi Monitors For Deus EX MD

5th Aug 2016, 17:51
Hey guys. So I recently bought 3 monitors (asus vg248qe) and I am currently getting a triple monitor stand to allign them all perfectly. I haven't bought the stand yet I am currently using this Triple monitor stand guide (https://monitorstand.io/monitor-stand-buyers-guide/), but the triple monitor stands are very expensive, any other sugguestions?

Anyhow, is there a possibility that I could use all 3 monitors at the same time for this game, and if yes. How exactly do I do this? Thank you!

5th Aug 2016, 18:00

5th Aug 2016, 22:48
This isn't the kind of a place where answers are given in less than 10 minutes, we're hibernating here. You probably should ask for general advice in some specialized place like this one https://www.reddit.com/r/TripleScreenPlus, look for guides about enabling some well known, long since released game to run on 3 monitors, not MD. If MD supports it, great, those steps will probably be sufficient. If not, then there's nothing we can do about it at this moment.