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8th Jul 2002, 09:58
Finished Project Eden last night.
It was a very cool game.

The last level was fantastic.
That dome with the forest was GREAT!!!!

Blue Ones!!!

8th Jul 2002, 20:07
Hi there Blue skies, bet you got a great feeling completing it, I know I did.

Glad you enjoyed PE...yes the last level was pretty awesome. :)

Which level did you enjoy the most, and which level did you detest? ;)

8th Jul 2002, 20:13
im in sky tram, how many levels do I have left?

Bah. I should type slower, i keep getting caught by the spam thing.

I guess typin 10000 words a minute is a bad thing ;)

8th Jul 2002, 20:35
The 'Sky Tram' is level 7..there are 11 levels in all, go I guess you have 4 more levels to go. :)

8th Jul 2002, 20:44
4 more to go??! what am i still doing here then! off I go!

9th Jul 2002, 11:04
Hi Maggie,

I thought that 'Underground' and 'Eden' were amongst the best.
I cannot say that I detested any of them.
Which was the level with the Vault door?

Which ones did you love & hate?

9th Jul 2002, 11:05

Keep going, you are almost there :)

9th Jul 2002, 11:35
Originally posted by Blue Skies Which was the level with the Vault door?
Ground Level

9th Jul 2002, 15:12
Cheers ICE,

That level was also pretty cool.

9th Jul 2002, 19:58
Hi Blue Skies,

My favourite level was the last one,'The Eden Bunker', it looked so peaceful, and the fact that the story really came together made it a great level to play.

I absolutely detested the 'Zoo level', I spent hours going around in circles..the frustration level was at an all time high, I did not enjoy it one iota!:D

9th Jul 2002, 20:59
i think im almost done the zoo level. miniko just blasted the tire thing. I saved there cause it was well.. 2 AM :)

10th Jul 2002, 02:01
Not almost done!! Still 1/3 to go, and you have yet to meet the worst puzzle in the game which is right at the end of the level.

10th Jul 2002, 02:35
puzzle! yay!

I probobly have to figgure out why e=mc2