View Full Version : ALL Challenges done?! Time for weapon customization/unlocks!!!!!!

24th Jul 2016, 13:14
Apparently all my challenges are done...sooo :nut: :rasp: must be a sign for the Danish company IO to figure out some ways of possible weapon customization and upgrades, or better yet ask the game community, we might just praise you for a little bit of blood and money. :worship: :worship::worship: <====]=IO GET BACK DEMONS!

24th Jul 2016, 20:17
keep dreaming. They've pretty much said NO customization. Their solution is to just give the whole "customized" weapon. For example a silent sniper w/2 zoom levels, a silenced pistol with laser sight, etc. In other words ,we can't ADD to the weapons like in Blood Money / Absolution...

25th Jul 2016, 04:43
They said on Twitter there is no plans for that right now. So maybe a little of that dream will become real.