View Full Version : Contract Mode Needs Enrichness

23rd Jul 2016, 14:42
Why no accident kill in contract mode?
I prefer the system which is used in contract mode in Absolution.
I think contracts would be more challenging and interesting when specific item used by the creator is shown rather than just like lethal melee.:)
More additional conditions such as no disguise change,not miss a single shot and no pacification can be added to contract mode just like that in escalation mode.

23rd Jul 2016, 17:58
Contracts Mode has improved since launch and will continue to over the remainder of the season. Please keep the feedback coming!

24th Jul 2016, 02:35
I agree. Contracts mode is the one area I think can and should be improved the most in the current game.

I also agree that looking at the system used in Absolution is the right way to go.

Features I would like to see in contracts mode include:

- A rating system that allows us to upvote contracts we find fun and exciting.
- A search filter that allows us to look for contracts from friends, specific people in the community, targets, kill methods, high ratings (from the point above), etc.
- Kill parameters that do not limit how we play but do impact the final score (eg, extra points for executing the hit exactly as the person posting the contract)

While I like the idea of the third, I think a rating system and search filter are eventual must haves. Right now, if it wasn't a recent or featured contract, it is pretty much lost to players. Additionally, adding filters gives the game more replayability, and in rare cases, could even let players create little mini stories consisting of similarly themed hits.

24th Jul 2016, 09:47
I believe contract mode need three other improvements.
1) let us create new npc and set up its looping path (go here, drink, go there, sit, go stand there for a while, repeat). One noc would be enough. Especially if we could assign one or two bodyguards that would automatically follow him. This would bring so much more freshness and replayability to the game. Eaxh contract would be new and different.
2) let us set a target as "ellusive". No time limit. But only one attempt to play the mission. This would make them more intense. You can add new leaderboard with success ratio on these missions.
3) when users can create missions with their new nocs, let them chain them to create new user created campaigns. This could elevate the game so much.

24th Jul 2016, 20:21
Contracts Mode has improved since launch and will continue to over the remainder of the season. Please keep the feedback coming!

it has? Other than the target info thing, I haven't seen any improvements. How about tagging the target from further away for sniping, more specific conditions.(hide bodies, specific weapon usage, do not get spotted, more disguise selection) I wasn't a fan of Absolution, but it got contracts mode right.