View Full Version : Can't login to my main account (500 server error)

23rd Jul 2016, 04:49
I think I've had this issue before, but I can't log into my main account (the one linked to the platforms I play on, and purchases I've made on the store).

This issue is exclusive to the forums, as I can log into the main Square Enix website just fine. Upon attempting to log into the forums, however, I'm given a 500 error.

I created this account because I needed to report a bug in Hitman on the bug report thread, but couldn't log into my main account. Obviously, this account logs in fine. I have no idea why I wouldn't be able to log into my real account.

28th Mar 2017, 21:11
Send a mail with your account name and the email address used for registration to:

SE Forums Admin
squareenixforums (at) gmail (dot) com

They fixed my HTTP 500 server error and now I'm able to login again.