View Full Version : snake from tr3

David 070
8th Jul 2002, 01:41
does anyone have this??

the one from area 51, he doesnt move but he strikes when your close by...

8th Jul 2002, 11:20

I have the snake object from a TR3 level I found on the net.

I have not tried in all slots or had much time to play with the snake objects animation.

At the moment he strikes if lara is near but my problem is that no health goes away from lara.


8th Jul 2002, 20:45
cant it be a friendly snake? why does the snake have to attack? not all snakes are mean you know ;)

David 070
9th Jul 2002, 04:13
hey prsaves

can you please send it to me???


9th Jul 2002, 20:23
I guess you can make a snake as a small_scorpion. I haven't tried it, but all the snake can do is attacking, so with some changes in the animation data it will be possible.