View Full Version : Elusive Targets: idea to unlock unlimited attempts (poll: please vote)

22nd Jul 2016, 13:06
So there's lots of complaints about the elusive targets being to short or whatnot. People like to play it more than once, as do I, so I was thinking of an idea how that could come to fruition. And I think I have a pretty decent idea that could work and at the same time be rewarding.

As of right now, you get 1 attempt at him. Once you kill or be killed, that's it. So this is how it works:

If the elusive target could come with an optional disguise & weapon to kill with, that would unlock the elusive target for an unlimited amount of times to play it while the timer is still active.

So for example, elusive target #10 is Joe Schmoe. Option to kill with Needle and kitchen assistant disguise. So if you kill the elusive target with these two options, on your first attempt of course, then you unlock that mode to be played as many times as possible, even if you die, for the remaining time on the elusive target. It's just a way to give another reward to the mode that people wanna play more of. Of course the same reward system is in place if you choose not to do it or find its too hard and you can still add up your successful elusive target count to unlocks suits.

So what do you guys think of this?
Even if you don't wanna leave a comment, you can leave your YES/NO vote here: