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7th Jul 2002, 23:10
I never found out if we got any answers to these in the old forum. I think most of them were/are a little too plot-related to answer. But I thought I'd post them here, just to see what we were pondering some 5 or so months ago, and (in light of the release of Blood Omen 2) what questions are still hanging around here 5 months later...

In reply to Warpsavents post with answers from Amy, I suggested we make a list of anything else we want to know. Like I said in that thread, there's no need to ask anything that would spoil future games, but we can still ask things about what has already happen. I'll probably ask Warpsavent to send Amy a letter again since Warpsavant sent the first one or Chris can answer the ones he knows. I think it's a good idea to have all the questions in one place as they might relate to each other. I'd like to know:
* If Kain can shift into the spectral realm and if this is how he teleports.
* If Raz's soul is still hovering inside and outside of the blade after Kain pulled it out, if it is not inside at all of what else if not.
* Where the abyss would have been on the BO and SR2 maps. (I think it's above the caves in SR2 and they had caved in by SR1.)
Anything anyone else want's to know?

Is Raziels body still at the bottom of the Abyss/Lake of the Dead?

Is Raziel the Blue Vampire holding the Reaver in all the murals? By what Janos said, that the Reaver was intended solely for Raziel, it would be blasphemous for anyone else to use the sword. Or was the artwork done before this and now it's an oversight?
We know Turrel is still part of the story and will likely pop up somewhere, but what about the Priestess? Is she totally out of the story, or may she show up eventually as well?
In BO1, the Heart of Darkness is first found and introduced in Kain's Mosoleum(sp?). Is this of any significance storyline wise? If not, who, according to the story, had possession of the HoD by the time BO1?
Any chance of running into human versions of any of our other favorite vampires, such as Kain or Vorador, during future time travels?
Did the folks who wrote BO2 write the script based on changes in the timeline cause by the events of SR2?
How does Moebius connect with the Elder God? In the past that you visit in SR2, his influence doesn't seem to reach over all of Nosgoth as it does in SR1, as the only times when he can communicate with you are when you are in his chamber. And so assuming Moebius has never visited the chamber and doesn't know that the Elder is a squid and is equally oblivious about the Blue vampires, then how does he & the Elder communicate?

Who is the priestess, she isnt on sr1 sr2 or bo1 i have beat all 3 games and dont recall who she is, so who is she. and the only question i wanna know is that is raziel able to use the heart on himself, i know i probably cant get a direct answer from amy or chris.

Who does the voices for Raz's Sarafan brethren?

Some more questions:
Are the demons Kain runs into around Avernus the same type of demons Raziel fights in SR2 that run around freely in the future?
How old is the Sarafan Stronghold? Was it fortress for the circle before that?
Kain was made through Necromancy, but throughout BO1 his life must be restored by the HoD. Would Kain drawing life from Janos's heart then create a connection between him & the old Vampires?

**Where was Ariel when she was murdered?**

is it possible to get any pictures of how turel were supposed to look like posted on this board?

What is the lost city and what is its purpose, i dont know how you guys keep coming up with these things that never make it into games but what is the lost city, its not in any of the previous games, or is it?

yeah whats the lost city anyway.
was it in blood omen?
will blood men ever get rerelested as platinium or somthing?

Any possibility of any other LoK game series besides Blood Omen & Soul Reaver? Maybe a game where you play as Vorador and learn his whole history maybe?

What is the significance of the symbols that appear in the fire forge animation? They also appear under the pillars, and in every forge in SR2.
Another question. About the birds. Whats the deal with the birds, Ive counted like 100 of them on the way to the pillars alone. Voradoor controls ALL these birds??

Sade Lyrate
Have a question to be added:
What is the meaning of those runes in the TimeStreaming
Chambers in SR2? Make no sense if translated with the Nosgothic
runes given in BO.

What is Nosgoth? Is it a planet, continant or country?
When is Nosgoth equivilant to? What eras are the buildings, styles and things from?

Is there a map of/in SR1? How do you know which lakes are in the same areas?

Rook 7
I don't quite know where I'm headed with this question... Does anyone else find it odd that the lightning bolt type things that seal up the entrances to the forges when you leave each of them are exactly the same as the ones that precede the appearance of the various demons? Is there some connection between the demons and whoever made the forges--I mean as in could they be on the same side somehow?

Why is Ariel at the pillars?? Does it have to do with more Circle corruption then has been revealed? Shouldnt she of known better to be sleeping with the Mentalist? Isnt that against the rules or something?

Rook 7
Any wild guesses who the mural of the lone winged vamp in the Dark Forge might be? You have to fly up to the one ledge just beyond the purple crystal to see him.

What was the Barkeep from the start of BO1's problem?
Damn, that fellow needs to chill out. What a grumpy gus.
*shakes a fist at that damn barkeep, for the whole dilemma is entirely his fault.*
What's with all the snakes in SR2?!

Why was Turel left out of the original SR?

When the Sarafan rip out Janos heart, Rahaab is inconspicuous in his absence. Where was Rahaab during the attack on the Aerie??

Noob Saibot
I'v got a question.
-What would have happened to the wraith blade had raziel been pulled into the reaver like he was supposed to?
whould he have been set free, would he still be in full wraith blade form, would he finally know peace and finally die for real?

Pillar of Balance
Dont know if its too late but questions:
The lake thats outside the serefan keep, is there any significance to the stone formations at the bottom?
How do you explain the raz is soul reaver thing? for raziel to inhabit the blade in the first place, the soul reaver would've had to have the ability to consume souls, but that is given when raziel is supposed to be taken in to the reaver, but he cant be taken into the reaver without the reaver being able to consume souls.
How are both Vorador and Janos alive in BO2?
Is BO2 the result of the altered timeline which is brought about in SR2 and the (hopefully) upcoming SR3?
Will there be any effort to go into the hash character in future LOK or is he to be refered to ever after as 'dark forces'?
Do souls have anything to do with the dimensional barrier? I seem to remember something about sacrifices coinciding with the presence of the hash cult/hash itself.
Why didnt Janos evolve like 'human' vampires do?
Why does the eternal prison have a statue of moebius in it? Are the inmates of the eternal prison dead and their spirits manifest or are they snatched before they die/at the moment before death?
Is the spectral realm outside of time or every time raziel enters it, is he entering a frozen moment of the material realm?
What sort of creation myth does Nosgoth have?
Were the 'dark forces', better known as hash, the same force that the elder/moebius represent or was hash working toward his own goal, as his dialogue suggests?
Are the elder/moebius/demons of SR2 working with/for the Hylden or are they a third party trying to stop kain from enabling the hylden's trap? ooh i like that.
Is the elder some sort of demonic mould growing through the dimensional 'lock' of the pillars? and as the dimensional barriers weaken so the lock follows enabling more of the mould to grow?

Rook 7
How exactly would the Heart of Darkness be used to bring a vampire back from the dead? Is it a ritual thing, do they force feed it to the dead guy, do they just replace the dead vamp's heart with it, what??

7th Jul 2002, 23:27
They eat it!:rolleyes: :p

7th Jul 2002, 23:34
:eek:How would you ever use it on more than one person if that's the case?!:eek:

Edit: We are talking about the Heart, aren't we?:o


8th Jul 2002, 00:13
Maybe they just need to take a bite out of it. :D This way a few people could maybe share it. Like biscuits. Have ya got a biscuit?

Mmmmm Mmmm good.

-drain wraith-
8th Jul 2002, 01:31
Maybe they hold the heart above the vampire and give it a little squeeze. Some blood drips down (onto the corpse) and there you go! The rebirth of a vampire!

(It's disgusting, I know. But I'm in a morbid mood today. :D)

8th Jul 2002, 19:25
I typed up the questions in that thread and asked Chris to forward my email to Amy. He said she got it, but that was months ago. If she's too busy, do you think checking every few months would be nagging? I think Warp's joking about them eating the heart, which they can't do if it hasn't revived them yet.

8th Jul 2002, 19:38
I never thought of that. Maybe they just force feed it to them. Place a peice under the tongue or something.

And yeah I think checking every few months is nagging, but these are good questions, they aint going anywhere, and they will get answered eventually. Eternity is relentless Raziel...

8th Jul 2002, 19:55
I havn't asked Chris since I posted the email. I was just trying to decide whether I should ask how it's going or not.

11th Jul 2002, 05:51
Why don't we pick one of these questions and just ask Lord Butterfly to answer it for us? :D

11th Jul 2002, 06:45
Why bother. I can answer any one of those questions for you in his place.

"It will all be revealed in time."


11th Jul 2002, 18:41
We need to pik a question where he can't say that, and he has to give us an answer.

Like who does the voices for the brethren in Sr2 isnt going to get the "will be revealed in time" cut n paste answer. :D

12th Jul 2002, 05:41
I always thought the guys that did the voices for the evolved brothers in the first Soul Reaver also did the voices for their Sarafan selves in SR2. Just guessing, because the voices of Mel and Dumah do sound, to me, like they were done by Bell and Templeman, but I could very well be wrong. I guess that would be a good non-plot-related question to ask...:cool: