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7th Jul 2002, 22:27
LeeO posted a thread about having Lara's hair problem (after importing the head mesh back to the wad) in the old forum.

Turbo Pascals' site where the solution for this problem (http://www.geocities.com/cyber_delphi/strpix3/ponytail.html) was written was really helpfull, but it dosn't seem to work for me.
The values should be like this:
(original value) = (new value)
40 = 86
39 = 88
38 = 103
37 = 91

I remaped this as written on that site, but when I want to test if it worked the game just chrashes. Am I doing something wrong?

8th Jul 2002, 01:03
Any Strpix beyond 3.4 corrupts custom wads. there is a way to fix this however. Download Strpix 3.4 so after you save a wad in a strpix beyond Strpix 3.4 save it in 3.4. most of your problems will disappear with corrupted wads.

8th Jul 2002, 02:17
Thanks MD_Nut! I was having the same problem.
Lucky that i happen to have a copy of Strpix 3.4 on my hd.

8th Jul 2002, 07:53
yeah and me! I've been backing up my custom wads everytime I've made changes to an outfit! Thanks for this advice, it'll save me from having a lot of hissyfits lol

8th Jul 2002, 08:53
Hmm, Strpix 3.8 very rarily corrupts custom wads for me, infact, when I loaded and saved the wad in Strpix 3.4, the level chrashed even while converting the .tom file. I even tried to edit the wad in Strpix 3.4 and then save, but nada. It gives an error in the level editor: "unknown poly type -75 (mesh 498 number 85)" anyway, it doesn't work.

8th Jul 2002, 09:26
After saving a custom Wad with Strpix you have to open it again for saving it ones more. Otherwise the convertor or the LE will crash and the wad will be corrupt.


8th Jul 2002, 19:07
I think Strpix3.5 is the best version for remapping the hair vertices, according to info on TR Vagrant's site, and Turbo Pascal's head mesh instructions, here's the link if you want it :D Download link is at the bottom of the page.

Strpix3.5 download (http://home.acadia.net/userpages/vagrant/tr4/larasfix.html)

8th Jul 2002, 20:53
I'm tired of this, again it's not working! The same thing as with Strpix 3.4, the darn thing just crashes when I try to convert it! I don't think that opening the wad and saving it again is the solution but I'm desparate and am going to try anything. The original was the revised Karnak wad and it has the values I wrote above, but what the heck am I doing wrong?
The thing that happens when I remap is this - one of the leg meshes that makes the Lara, pistols anim etc. objects in the level editor has also a value 40, and it is moved to a different place of the mesh, but otherwise the chrashing thing :(
I want Lara to have that darn customized head and I don't want the outfit to have this bug but this is just not working http://www.tr-resurrection.de/mprager/emoticons/cry.gif]

8th Jul 2002, 21:07
I got it to work, with all the tips i found on this forum.

I remaped using Stripix 3.5 (thanks Litepulsar)
I resaved using Stripix 3.4 (thanks MD_Nut)
I reinstalled the WAD i would be adding to (if i had modified it before)


PS. Karnak.WAD is the worst wad to test your outfit in, it's extremely buggy, i use Coastal.WAD (it only crashes when I do something wrong)

8th Jul 2002, 21:21
I did as you said, now the whole wad is really f..... up!
I fear I will have to remake this outift http://www.tr-resurrection.de/mprager/emoticons/sniff.gif

8th Jul 2002, 21:26
You can still open the messed up .WAD with Strpix and get all the textures to remake this outfit.

Good luck.

10th Jul 2002, 14:06
Again it is not working, I made the outfit now in Coastal.wad and could remesh and retexture anything untill the head meshes themselves, but as you might guess, when I import and save the head meshes the wad is screwed!
The furthest place I can get to is the one you see on the left side.

(if you don't see the pic, right-click copy the url to your browser and hit enter)

The one on the right side is how the outfit should look, but you know... the hair problem is the only thing that prevents it from doing so.
As you see, I'm mostly using Tommy Tomb Raiders' meshes the only custom mesh is the hair thingy in the right picture, that I tried to remake from Tomo's outfits. Anywayz, you'll see some red circles on the left side, they circle the places where there seem to be some problems with the meshes. The Torso mesh has some missing faces, that for some reason I can't fix myself, and also the cammo pants have some thing that looks like Lara's skin, but I can't hide it in Strpix and neither delete with the help of a Cad. So as TTR hasn't been seen maybe you know how to fix those?

The Cowboy
10th Jul 2002, 16:50
I have started to edit Lara’s head mesh too, I have got similar problems with saving and getting my wads corrupted, but I have been learning how to edit mesh's quit fast and all the problems I have had, I have found answers to them in the board :) :)

10th Jul 2002, 17:17
If you encounter missing faces.

You need to open the mesh in Metasequoia, select the whole mesh, and select "delete overlapped faces" from the overhead menu.

If you encounter gaps in the mesh.

You need to open Metasequoia, select the polygon that the gap is present at, and select "double side face" from the overhead menu.