View Full Version : Upgrade Pack "Price" - Summer bonus episodes

20th Jul 2016, 22:37
I bought a starter pack, and each field separately published so far. Now published in the summer bonus pack and I can not buy it without having to buy or upgrade pack the whole experience. The whole game is the price of EUR 59.90. Upgrade pack price is EUR 49.90. 10 euros cheaper. (Xbox marketplace) However, I've already bought two fields and the initial package with the price of 34.50. In order to bring out the entire game, should I pay even ~ 30 euros of three fields (thailand, usa, japan), in which case the game total price is ~ 64,50 Euros. This is OK. However, if I want summer bonus episodes combined the game total price of € 84.40? Summer pack episodes should put a separately purchased just like any other fields are. Alternatively might consider upgrade pack price reduction. Otherwise, paying customer will feel cheated.

21st Jul 2016, 02:00
Yes, its unethical in my opinion and am in the same boat as you. I put my feelings about this here: http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=189914&page=2

21st Jul 2016, 08:49
I agree, there should be a mid-season upgrade pack