View Full Version : Which BONUS episode did you like more?

20th Jul 2016, 18:33
For me it was House Built on Sand. They were both pretty good in that they didn't have the "James Bond do-gooder saves the world" feel. 47 was back to killing for money. House... should've been the regular episode 3. Great atmosphere at night, well thought out. The fortune teller kill /challenge was fun. And the rooftop meeting was great. The Icon was fun, but I wish there were another objective or target in the mission, boom it's over. Also wish both had at least one more starting point unlock. Overall , pretty good stuff.

P.S.- One of the targets in House... is named Matthieu Mendola, a nod to level designer Marta Mendola who we see working on this mission in one of the "Talking Hitman" videos from a few months ago.
Also I've noticed an attempt at making these missions more "racially diverse". Black guards, Alot of Asian looking NPCs (Thailand/Japan models being put to use?), and I did notice a few new accents. Finally some realism being attempted.

21st Jul 2016, 13:06
I agree. House Built on Sand was extremely well done.

I said it in another thread, but I will repeat here. I love the way they've done this. These two episodes, more than anything we've gotten so far, feel like the old Hitman games - lots of character, quirky (sometimes absurd) kill scenarios, etc. Messing with the electronics in The Icon - or doing the fortune teller challenge in House reminded me of why I love the Hitman franchise so much.

I love the new Hitman game and the epic feel of the main story chapters, but these scenarios are a nice change as well - and bode well for the future of the game, in my opinion.

22nd Jul 2016, 15:13
A House Built on Sand is the better of the two by far, IMO. Just as with the main story missions, Sapienza feels showy but hollow, whereas Marrakesh feels deeper and more real.

23rd Jul 2016, 06:24
Although i didn't had enough time to play the new episodes, House built on sand is my favorite, i even like it better than the main story episodes so far. It reminds me House of cards from Blood money which is one of my favorite mission from all Hitman games.