View Full Version : BLOOD DECALS ,WOUNDS STILL NOT FIXED! 1.10 update

19th Jul 2016, 13:21
enough said. still zero body damage with pistols(haven't tried rifles yet) until they are dead on the ground. Head damage is inconsistent in Paris. Thought this issue was put to rest. I guess not. Very disappointing...............I guess hints while loading was more important...:rolleyes: by the way , I'm on ps4.

edit : rifles even worse.

20th Jul 2016, 07:38
Yep,I was very disappointed when I killed someone!

21st Jul 2016, 16:52
Such bull****. Its,even worse now with the blood decals. I don't understand how they expect us to play this it does NOT make sense. IO interactive are a bunch of RETARDS ..... RETARDS