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7th Jul 2002, 20:20
Planet Fallout; And the History Thereof

Planet Fallout, though now in the Gamma Quatra system, had peaceful startings in the system known as the Milky Way. In 2005 A.D. on the planet Earth, rumblings of a third World War erupted. Leading the protagonists was the Earth country of America, in alliance with the other countries of Canada, Mexico, the continent of South America, and a large group of countries in the continent of Europe. Because these Earth references are archaic, we have provided short, to the point, references for these two terms.

Country: Large mass of land with one government.

Continent: Larger mass of land. This may contain many Countries so has no one government

The rest of the world had been fed up by the tyranny of these countries, as they now owned more then 9/10ths of the Earth's land mass. When an abandoned nuclear facility in China was searched, bountiful amounts of nukes were found, bringing the totals of the two alliances to an almost equal proportion. A small political group in America known as the Brotherhood Of Steel knew that insuing chaos would be the end of civilization. Though many went off to build bunkers and vaults to survive the storm, a smaller faction known as The Black Child dropped out of this 'bunkering'.

Instead, they began setting up a planet nearby as an escape route from the coming chaos. This planet was known as Venus. An ozone layer was made by the greatest scientists of The Black Child and the planet was made habitable. Just as the nukes started up, the Brotherhood of Steel made a jump for their bunkers. The Black Child faction barely made it to Venus before the Earth erupted into flames. Unable to set up an effective system of sensors, the innefective scouting parties of The Black Child found a 0.001% survial rate. The only surviving species on the planet was the cockroach.

Or so The Black Child thought. They collected and replicated an FEV Virus found in a Military Lab in the American city called San Francisco. Using a large set of rockets, The Black Child faction sent the planet Venus, now named Fallout, hurtling into space. Truth be told though, the human race had survived inside the vaults in smaller numbers then could be detected. Keeping the Earthen time keeping, they left the Milky Way in 2008.

Fallout Timeline
2008: The Black Child adopts the name of the Brotherhood of Space in respect to their fallen comrades. The development of XRD Transporters boost the speed of Planet Fallout away from Earth. (But in relation to current speeds, Fallout was still moving at the speed of a Grolien Dumptruck without warp engines... yes, that slow.)

2009: An actual living alien crashes into Fallout. Aforementioned Dumptruck's fusion core failed out right in the path of the still slow moving Fallout. Stealing primative Grolien Salt Hog Tech, the Brotherhood of Space, reverse engineers and renames the outdated tech into the Hylar V Assault Laser, Deep Space PDS Cannons and Assault cannons.

2013: More and more space junk falling onto Fallout leads to a better space program. Bulky, heavily armed Dreadnaughts, sleek and agile cruisers, and the long, slim carrier dropships are made. Later in the year, the dropship design is given fighter pods to accomodate ship to ship battles if the need arised.

2015: The first Memau falls to Fallout in a crate. The current commander Jacob Westernbrook took it as a pet and tried to get it to eat fancy meals with him. It felt contnt chasing after and gobbling the wrappers of said food. He loved the memau until the last moment of his life when the first Skrasher ever on Fallout erupted from his chest. Battling through four whole armadas of ground forces and dodging to shady pursuits of Cruisers, this "Deamon" eluded and attacked cities for over four years.

2020: As more and more Memau were found, convicts were used to breed Skrashers from. The Salt Hog, still alive, told Fallout's leaders of the horrors these beasts could inflict. For insubordination, he was the first test subject. These skrashers were taught from day one who they're leaders were.

2024: In a breeding accident, the new Commander Jeff Brigsby dies, in his place come the man Jason Brigsby, his son. He gives himself the name SkrasherSmasher

2028: Ambushing an entire fleet of Turakken, the Brotherhood of Space was now up to date on all technology and alien species. The Turakken also gave the idea of putting the long dormant FEV virus into some test subjects pre-eruption to see what effects would come of this. The scientists were the first hosts of the Super Skrashers, newer, even stronger skrashers. In the Fallout High Council, it was voted 183 to 17 that these 'Super Skrashers' were to be Fallout's army.

2032 (Present time): The Brotherhood of Space stops in the Gamma Quatra system. The mostly uninhabited system becomes quickley taken over, as listed in the next section. The need for even better soldiers has brought about dangerous experiments. Military protocall 10011101 prevents any data recording for any purpose other then military.

Manifest Destiny: and It's Effect on Gamma Quatra

The Human culture is known for it's speedy land grab tactics. The Brotherhood of Space is no exception to this greediness, the group taking only one year to grab the entire sector of 10 planets. Therefore, information will be displayed in a month by month format.

Month: 1/12 of a year. Classified in a word order. (Numbers will be provided.

January (#1)- Fallout stops in Gamma Quatra. Cruiser scouting parties record data, and return at the end of the month. Analisis indicated that there were 10 small planets, only three of which were deemed hostile. 3 Karmaraman Planets: Wow, Cool and Hippy, two Zedem Planets: Zanem and Zenem, A Salt-Hog Planet: Groul 4, and a Grey Planet: Carta. The three hostile were two Gor planets: Klingov and Arg. A third "hostile" planet was the Siren Planet: Minos, under the protection of the two Gor planets.

February (#2)- Emissary and Diplomatic forces are immediatly sent to the seven peacful planets, as the Super Skrasher Army of Fallout (SSAF) trained in a more interactive enviornment, encorperating use of large weapons, Hand to Hand Combat, and Grenades. Battle plans were drawn up to hit Minos first.

March (#3) Karmaraman Wow and Grey Carta took a month and a half to bring into a feasible agreement. Planets Cool and Groul 4 resisted due to diplomatic reasons. The planets Zanem and Zenem deemed the Brotherhood of Space to be a 'band of flying barbarians' and refused to let them enter at all. After dozens of weeklong debates of wether or not let the Brotherhood in, the governments rejected and sent the Diplomatic forces home with no progress. The planet of Hippy was recently attacked, and the government taken over by Gor's the diplomatic force was slaughtered before any chance was given to it. Military plans were diverted to attacking Hippy, and the diplomatic and emmisary forces from Wow, Carta, Zanem and Zenem were all sent to a meeting with Groul 4 and Cool leaders on Karmaraman ship Pringles. This meeting was to take time in what would approximatley be May 4th.

May (#4) No progress made on Pringles, but a waystation Neo Stargazer was set up by the Karmaramans as a diplomatic farming site. All of the diplomats were sent there. In combat, A standstill on Hippy ensued, as a large force of the SSFA was bunkered on the high mountain now called The Mountain of Bullet Fire. Using now outdated Browning M2 Miniguns, the Skrashers held off the Gor, while still unable to take any ground.

June (#5) The basic outline of a deal was made on Neo Stargazer June 19th 2028. Zenem and Zanem joined the diplomatic party finally, the combined resources of these planets would be enough to send more supplies and push the invaders off of Hippy, but the SSFA was rapidly deteriorating. Casualties were littering the mountain at a rapid pace. Each raid up the mountain left more Gor corpses and more Skrasher bones, as at this point they had no qualms about eating fallen comrades.

July (#6) Diplomacy problems flare up, as a Zenem Emmisary is caught in a Palace Galactica with a Siren named Bubbles. Mad Zealot Monks were found outside yelling "Empeach!" But with some strange legality, the Emmisary's charges were dropped, and the talks continued in a much more uptight mood. On the mountain, almost all hope was lost. Of the 10,000 dropped on the mountain, 234 were still able to fight. But Gor raids were relentless.

August (#7) A Gor bomber crashed into the bunker on The Mountain of Death, killing all inside. The Brotherhood had a backup plan. Used only for breeding, the FEV virus had been untested on aliens. It was put in a gas form and canisters filled with the gas were dropped onto the planet Klingov. The gor's on the planet swelled up, their throughts began to swell, and they eventually all exloded in a blast of blood. The entire sector is apauled.

September(#8): Within hours of the June 30th attack. Treaties of all sorts were formed. They were joined together to make the Non-Operation of the F E V, or NOFEV Treaty. It limited use of the FEV Virus to breeding of Super Skrashers. But hostile planets were made into mines, and the gors on other planets were foced into security jobs or used for Super Skrashers. The overpopulated Groul 4 were ecstatic. The workers plunged happily into the new mines, as the Karmaraman planets were used as plantations, and the grey planet was for the reaserch and use of better, more effective sick bay technology, and advanced medical supplies.

Edit: Added the taking over of nearby planets, most other people have planets too so what the hey.