View Full Version : Square Enix Membership - link account to Xbox Live is not working

18th Jul 2016, 21:56
i can´t link my Square Enix Account ( https://membership.square-enix.com/account_links ) with my Xbox Live Account

the link https://membership.square-enix.com/login/link?type=live refers me to https://rps.eidos.co.uk/signin.aspxreturnUrl=https://membership.square-enix.com/users/auth/live/callback&ref=kl2(returns 404) or directly to https://membership.square-enix.com/users/auth/live/callback&ref=kl2 which only a site with the content 'Error S1-28'. :scratch:

is this some kind of a bug?

PS: and can a moderator move this thread to 'Forum -> Other Forums -> Square Enix Members Site -> Members Site Bug Reports'?