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13th Jul 2016, 04:47
Hello - Me again, the guy who's way too obsessive over the melee takedowns in this game. So watching the Breach trailer, I noticed that at 3:52, the character tries to melee a heavy unit. It shows him failing to knock out the big guy and gets b*tch slapped. Since Breach uses the exact same game mechanics from the main game this really worries me that we won't be able use melee takedowns on heavies. I loved in DXHR being able to melee the ogres, even thought the animation was wonky. Seriously though, Takedowns drain energy like no other other ability and if you can't takedown these heavies i will be pissed.

HOPEFULLY, they just didn't show the full animation and after you get slapped you return a finishing blow. I'd be ok with a longer cutscene if you're facing a heavy. Another possibility could be that you can only take down a heavy using stealth and a dead on approach is impossible. That would also piss me off because that wouldn't go along with the whole "choice of approach" thing they preach.


13th Jul 2016, 10:03
That would also piss me off because that wouldn't go along with the whole "choice of approach" thing they preach.

I'd say that they preach it to people that are new to DX series and they simplify things (e.g. "pillars"). There shouldn't be some form of political correctness when it comes to approaches, things just need to make sense. It does make sense that you, a leaner guy, can't one-button-win mechs and tougher opponents. Those opponents should have strengths and weaknesses, completely natural concept to anyone who played any game with even basic RPG elements. Might sound discriminatory, but I bet HR was your first DX game and you're a console player.

I think that skill/aug (sigh) tree should strongly guide players to different builds, that have those strengths and weaknesses too, so stealth isn't the best answer to everything. If you want to play as a tank, then you should be able to. And only then you should be able to beat those heavy soldiers into submission, but it shouldn't be default for everybody.

EDIT: Just now watched the video, WTF is that? That's a bloody Tron game! :\

I would love to have another Tron game, but not in my DX, not sure how I feel about that. More cyber-sounding nonsense, which further leads away from what original DX was about. Though in reality it's probably influenced more by Superhot, rather than old Tron 2.0.

15th Jul 2016, 03:02
Wow, you mean there might actually be some kind of situations in which you can't just spam takedowns and win all the time? They might actually have some kind of balancing mechanic on it? HALLELUJAH!