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7th Jul 2002, 18:02
Hey everyone. I went plunging through the old fourm looking to see if my old (unfinished) fanfic was laying around... you guessed it, not there. So I figured I could make a new one... trying to format a poll that will go with it, if it works it should be right there, if not, oh well. So here goes....

Chapter 1

Ding, ding ding, ding... the chronometer was soothingly yet firmly toning off in Kr'lest's ear. He began to wake up as he looked over to the now silent timepiece.

"2/10ths through the rotation?? Darn chronometer my shift isn't until 5/10ths!! Argh!!" Kr'lest hopped out of his space inn bed. A cleaning suczzer MK1 waddled in, took his bedsheets, and promptly ate them. A low burping noise came out of the scuzzer as a printout came from its torso.

"What now... a bill, yes yes, 1 room, 1 night. Wait a second here?! I'm being charged for the bed sheets AND to recharge the scuzzer!! This is outrageous!!" The normally mild mannered grey doctor stomped over to the scuzzer and began yelling at it. Of what he yelled is unknown, as his translator began to fail, and only the sounds of the grey, untranslated language emanated from his mouth. The MKI was apparantly offended though, as it began to give off a high pitched noise and exploded right in Kr'lest's face.

Burnt, blackened with soot, and generally angry at the world. Kr'lest stormed out of the Space Inn, forced to pay the 100E for the room, 10E for the sheets, and 500E for the Scuzzer. With 3/10ths of the rotation to blow off before the shift, and still being tired, he knew this was not going to be a pleasent day. Running low on money, he figured he could go to the rough bar and grab a drink or two.

Kr'lest flung open the doors and moved toward the bar unit. The bartender bot was nowhere to be seen however. Further inspection though, found him drunk and passed out on the floor. Kr'lest jumped over the bar, careful not to hit the bartender on his landing.

"Ugh.. brrzzztt. Kr'lest, that you??" The bartender bot was waking up, though it was through a very labored effort. "Dont worry Jimmy IV," Kr'lest hushedly responded. "You can go back to sleep." The bot seemed relived. "OK Kr'lest, take what you want, just make sure you leave the money in the register." The bot began to go back to sleep, using a keg as a pillow. "Sure, but Jimmy IV, you gotta lay off the B52 Bot Grease or your regulator is going to fail, and then this d@$%ed station is gunna need a new bot working here."

But Jimmy IV was already fast asleep, keg and all. Kr'lest shrugged and grabbed two cans of Stellar Alcohol and left the 30E payment. He quietly jumped the bar again and went to the table closest to the ultra lamp. Kr'lest flipped his digital chronometer on, just as 3/10ths displayed across the timepiece a Targ popped out of the light-wave elevator and walked calmly in beside him.

"Hey Kr'last, what are you doing up so early in the rotation? I figured you would be up here picking my sorry butt off the floor of this fine establishment at around 4/10ths." The Targ took the other can and flipped Kr'lest the 15E and began drinking. He said fine so smoothley that even a deaf alien could detect the sarcasm. "You know how it is, space inn chronometer bugged out on me again. And you've really got to get some more friends, all that beer in you is making you harder and harder to drag all the way back to the inn. Oh, and by more, I meant big, really big friends."

A grin beset the Targ's face, he seemed to be holding in laughter. "Brzzkrit? What's wrong Brzzkrit?" Brzzkrit seemed to loose it and began to tell all. "Well Kr'lest, I was working the comsensor at 1/10ths this morning. As you don't know, that when the entire Targ shifts change, all but mine. So as the first group I worked with began walking toward the elevator, the other group of slackers was nowhere to be found. That's when I single-handedly picked up meteor projections, three tourist groups and a ship in need of medical attention. I think it was called Nostromus or something like that. Anyway I got a promotion! Isn't that coo... Kr'lest?? What's wrong?"

Kr'lest was wide eyed... hey knew what a blunder the station's owner and Brzzkrit had made. Those fools, only a complete idiot didn't know that that ship was the first to make it through a highley dense pocket of skrasher infestation. But they had been infected., and the station master let them in the station! Kr'lest dropped his half full beer can to the floor (he was an optimist even in the worst of times) and ran as fast as he could to the sick bay. Today was definatly not going to be a good day.
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Instant Response, I started this post hmm about three seconds after Ghyron posted.

Chapter 2

Brzzkrit, though, felt no urgency at all. He leisurley picked up Kr'lest's now pretty much empty (Brzzkrit though, is a pessimist.) beer can and finished it off. Kr'lest was in the elevator. "Deck One, Deck One! HURRY UP DECK ONE!" Kr'lest was desperate, he needed to stop the spread of the disease to uninfected peeps, as the station owner's VAL refered to them as.

"I'm sorry sir, but yelling will not make it go any.." The elevator began lecturing, but they were already to deck one, and Kr'lest was long gone. He came into the sick bay gasping for air. "Hey there Curley'est!" The greys in the sick bay said collectivley. They knew him well, as he was normally called in because the best Grey there was, well, odd.

"Don't worry Curley... we treated all of them but this one for stomache grubs." The grey pointed to a Salt Hog, whos chest was slowley inflating, and covered in purple spots. "What's your skill level??" Kr'lest demanded more then asked. "A high and proud 3!" The doctor displayed his Peep Managment Sub Screen.

Kr'lest pushed the Salt-Hog through the Z-ray scanner, queitly mumbling 'd*** amatures.' The salt hog is seen as a green outprint of himself, but a large red blob is growing in the stomache. "You fool!! They have the Skrasher Disease!! Get them all back on the medibeds!" Each grey, though confused, brought the victims back on the medibeds. "Ok this is going to be many of your's first times using the medibed equipment without alterior, erm, siren motives. But these point objects aren't just used for, err, siren motives. Use the hologram to aim the laser at the skrasher virus, if you have seen the old Earthen movie Final Fantasy, The Spirit's Within, it works just like that. Get those viruses NOW!

The entire medibay went silent as the holograms came up, and the surgical lasers were deployed. They began shooting at the viruses. Left with only a minute to spare, Kr'lest removed the virus from his salthog victim. He looked to the other doctors, none had gotten anywhere close to killing the virus, he caught one picking his victim's nose with the laser. He booted him out of the way, and went after the virus, but with only a minute left, not even he could stop the virus. Chests started exploding and 4 adult Skrashers spawned out.

They began reigning terror through the sickbay. After about a minute of horror, with Kr'lest hiding in the Z-Ray scanner, two had left but the other was still looking for him. When it eventually found him, he cowered in the corner. He looked to the door, Brzzkrit was running in. "NoOoOoOoOoOoOo!!" He jumped in the air and knocked the skrasher off balance. In that split second Kr'lest ran for the door. He turned around to see Brzzkrit duck under his legs, the skrasher, slow and stupid got confused and lunged at him, through his own legs, hitting Brzzkrit, but leaving himself on his back. Kr'lest, friend under his arm, backed out yelling obscene grey words and shooting his phaser, till it eventually overheated. Three gor and a fuzzer popped in to finish the job, but Kr'lest didnt care, tears began to leak from his freakishly large grey eyes as he continued to fire his now useless gun.

Kr'lest carried his friend over his arm faster then he had ever dragged him to an abandoned sick bay. He overrode the lockout code and laid Brzzkrit on a medibed. The hologram came up and he changed the mode from Gut Worm Removal to Flesh Restabilitator. He had time to analize his friend, the skrasher had gouged out his stomache and the better half of his torso. He began reconstituting his flesh strand by strand, he looked up, heart rate dropping.
Kr'lest cringed. He placed an adrenaline boosts directly into the heart to keep it going. A dagerous move, but Kr'lest was a pro doctor. Stitch after stitch, boost after boost, Kr'lest finally finished him up. If he gave Brzzkrit another boost to the heart it had a 82.78553% chance that it would explode. 'It's in the Eternal Being's hands now,' he thought to himself. He sat down next to the medibed on the dirty floor, stared at the chronometer, and got the chance to truely cry. The quiet ticking of the chronometer was only drowned out by the beeping of Brzzkrit's heart and Kr'lest's sobs of sorrow for his friend. All he could do is wait, all he could do is wait...

Edit: Ok, I can't display my term for the skrasher disease, wich I call skrash-itis because it keys the censor in on another word for fecies, I will refer to it as Skrasher Disease then...

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Originally posted by SkrasherSmasher
Instant Response, I started this post hmm about three seconds after Ghyron posted.

Shapeshifters have fast responses due to an efficient data-storage and retrieval system (Equivalent to a human brain).

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No, I meant I started the second chapter three seconds after you posted, sorry about the confusion. ITs about 12:11AM here, so I'm not putting another chapter up now. Will try to when I wake up.

8th Jul 2002, 13:46
This is quite good, i am lookoing forward to the next chapter. Wake up quickly :)

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<A clock, labeled MunkeeChum, waddles into SkrasherSmasher's sleeping quarters.


Wuh.. oh the next chapter... ok, uh...

Chapter 3

Beep, click, beep, click, beep, click... The sounds of his best friend dying and the chronometer ticking were not making things any easier for Kr'lest. Since there was nothing more he could do, he decided to go back and survey the carnage.

Leaving the sick bay, he stepped into what looked like a warzone. Gors, Salt-Hogs, Targ, all sleeping the eternal sleep on the cold steel floor of the Waystation. How could he have not noticed it before? Backing up into the sick bay, he must have run over ten or twenty bodies. These wern't normal skrashers, what were these evil beasts?

A Female Siren walked past Kr'lest, as he began to cry again. She turned around and put a comforting arm on his shoulders. They moved over to a bench and sat down. Kr'lest began to pour his heart out. How bad his day had started, how his best friend was going to die to save his life, and how much he despised the Skrashers that did this to Brzzkrit. The Siren didn't pretend to know what to say, she just hugged him. The story was getting to her too, and tears came from her eyes as well.

The inmistakeable sound of labored breathing could be heard, and Kr'lest turned around. Brzzkrit was standing, hand to his chest, laughing the best he could. "Hey you two... uh... I ain't dead yet. Uhhh..." Brzzkrit began falling, but he didn't even fully pass out before Kr'lest got hold of him. He was calling him a fool, he began swearing at Brzzkrit's foolishness, but he was crying a new cry. He was happy. Happy that Brzzkrit was going to make it.

Laying him back down on the bed to rest, the Siren came up behind Kr'lest. "Your friend?" Kr'lest nodded, he couldn't say yes, or even tell her his name. He was too happy for words. He finally knew his friend would be ok.

7 rotations later Brzzkrit was up and ready to return to work. As he left the Inn for the Com-Sensor, he passed by the Sick-Bay that was attacked. He took a peek inside, Kr'lest was huddled in a corner, surveying the scene. Bags were forming under his eys and it was apparant he had not slept in a very long time. "Kr'lest, what the **** are you doing? It's 9/10ths through the rotation! Your not going to have enough sleep for your shift!" Kr'lest seemed unresponsive.

"Little buddy?? Hello? Anyone home?" Brzzkrit was his old normal self again. Kr'lest pointed to the opposite corner. "There.." Kr'lest said softly "What's over there little guy?" Kr'lest hung his head low, still pointing. "You almost died right there, saving me.." Brzzkrit knew something was wrong. "Come on little buddy, let's get you to sleep..." Brzzkrit put his arm behind Kr'lest and began guiding him out the door, but Kr'lest pushed him away.

"I know what your doing Brzzkrit, and it's not going to work!" Kr'lest had a crazy look in his eyes, this was not the Kr'lest that had bought him a beer 7 rotations ago. "I am GOING to find the alien that sent those SKRASHERS, and theres NOTHING you can do about it!" This was bad, very bad.

"Kr'lest! You saw it yourself! They spawned out of those sick guys. No one sent them!" Brzzkrit was trying to calm his friend down, but at the same time he was getting worked up himself. "No! You didn't see it though! Those weren't normal Skrashers! They had strange markings, they were bigger! Someone is doing something to them to make them bigger, this was a test, someone is trying to dominate the universe..." There was a long period of silence, "... and I'm going to stop him."

Brzzkrit knew that Kr'lest couldn't hold his own in combat, and he would probably be killed. "Then I'm coming with you. I'm not going to let you get killed on my accord!" Right there in the Sick-Bay, they began making plans to find out who or what evil being had this plan of mass destruction, and how to go about stopping it.

Feedback plz!! I love hearing from people who read the story! Just a quick post of 'good job', or a vote would be great! Thanks!

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Ah, I was wondering when the obligatory referall to world domination would pop up. Good job :)

Oh and gimme gimme more..

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Originally posted by MunkeeChum
Ah, I was wondering when the obligatory referall to world domination would pop up. Good job :)

No, no, no. Were talking UNIVERSAL DOMINATION... but anywho..

Chapter 4

And in the Waystation news today a small crime wave has started. First the dino-mat, then the combat store, then a general store were robbed by 'a grey and a Targ'. Witnesses in the general store saw they were both armed and a Siren was quoted as saying. "That grey, he wasn't thinking straight. There was something messed up with him. More at 5/10th..."

Kr'lest turned the Vidscreen off and turned to Brzzkrit, "Hey, they caught on to us, we got our supplies, let's go!" Brzzkrit was sitting on a Sick-Bay waiting couch, looking down. "I've lived on this station since I was a teenager. I've only been one other place, and I don't think my mom's space condo counts as much outerspace experence!" Brzzkrit was kicking a dead vermin around now, staring at its limp appendages.

"What are you getting at buddy? Don't worry, I know this planet in the Gamma Quatra system called Groul 4. It's one of the biggest pockets of evil in the tri-sector area! The only requirement to get in the gangs there is to have past exploits, and hey, what we just did is a past exploit! From there we can find out what's what." Kr'lest thought he had everything right, but he was wrong.

Two fuzzers waddled into the Sick-Bay, they were holding up their phaser arms, both of them ready to shoot. But they had been prepared, they nodded to eachother. Kr'lest whipped out a gun and began waving it in the air. He began ranting about the apocalypse and ****nation. The two fuzzers began to slowly come in on Kr'lest, as Brzzkrit snuck behind them.

Kr'lest looked at him and yelled the grey word for 'now'. He shot off the left fuzzers phaser arm as Brzzkrit gabbed it. When the fuzzer turned and shot at Brzzkrit, he used the fuzzer as a shield, then threw it at the one on the right. "Oh, man! Were soo busted! Were gunna get shot by a Gor!" Brzzkrit was scared. Brzzkrit was a fool. Kr'lest had a backup plan, he opened up a chest, a Targ body and a scuzzer costume came out, Brzzkrit stopped his ramblings and nodded.

"Today, the criminals Kr'lest and Brzzkrit were stopped. The Targ Brzzkrit was shot and Kr'lest was ejected from the statio.." But that was the last they heard of it. Unfortunatly though, the 'scuzzer' that ejected Kr'lest from the station got into the port. "Hey Kr'lest, this suit is like a toaster! When can I get out." Brzzkrit was trying to imitate a fuzzer voice, but it wasnt working. "I'm sorry officer!" Kr'lest said loudley, but then in a hushed voice, "But if you keep talking were both going to get killed."

The three gor's in the port also on the way out gave Kr'lest an odd look. Kr'lest despised that look. What gave those gors the right to look at him like that?? Kr'lest went into his pocket and pulled out an Electroblade(tm). He jumped the first one, gouging out his eyes with the blade. The other two, unarmed, ran at him. Trying to avert another incident, Brzzkrit flew up and tackled one gor in the back of the head, knocking him out. In a fervor, Kr'lest threw the Electroblade into the knocked out Gor's head, killing him instantly. He ran at the last one, sliding into him and tripping him. The third Gor fell into the wall and was also knocked out.

The Port elevator stopped in the landing area. Kr'lest calmly walked out as Brzzkrit picked up the bloody eletroblade. He hurriedly caught up to Kr'lest and forcefully handed the blade back to him. "What the **** was that for? They were just standing there, UNARMED!" Brzzkrit was confused on why his mild mannered friend disabled two Gors and killed a third. "That one gor, will never see again!! And the other is DEAD! What is wrong with you??" Kr'lest, calmly and cooly replied, "Remeber about us needing exploits, that was one of them."

Of course he couldn't tell Brzzkrit the real reason he fought those Gors, he couldn't say 'Oh, they were looking at me funny.' He knew there was something wrong upstairs, but he was too proud and too vengeful to admit it. So he figured he would just live it out, and when he finally got his revenge, then he could get his head checked out.

Kr'lest picked through his bag and pulled out a metal clothes hanger. "Why do you have a clothes hanger Kr'lest, you dont wear any cloth..." But Brzzkrit was given his answer as he asked the question, because Kr'lest was already half was into unlocking a space ship's code box. CLICK, he had picked the lock, the door opened with a woosh and they were mobile.

"First stop, Groul 4!" Brzzkrit was finally getting into the mood for some sweet alien head bashing. Taking off the metal costume definatly put a new spin on things...

8th Jul 2002, 19:18
Ahh universal domination and a mental case hero...

This is becoming more Final Fantasy-esque by the chapter.

Still i like it, why is is he going crazy? If I was freudian I would say it was his mothers fault, but we shall have to wait until chapter 5 to see what happens next.....

8th Jul 2002, 21:43
I'm starting to go too final fantasyish? I only made one reference to the movie but I couldn't think of how to describe the little holographic thing she uses when shes shooting at the phantom thingy..

As for the next chapter, I think I'm going to stick with between 1-2 chapters a day when I'm not busy, if I know I'm going to be gone for extended periods of time, I might write 3-4 chapters to 'hold you over till I get back'

Was that statement too pompus??

8th Jul 2002, 23:25
hey I like Final Fantasy! and I like this!

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Sorry, kinda entireley forgot about the story for a while there. (I lied, I was out of inspiration for the story. Don't worry I got some, at the cheapest prices. Arona sold it to me.:))

Chapter 5

Brzzkrit and Kr'lest were crusing through space by now. Kr'lest calmly and cooly guiding the small ship, as Brzzkrit was unfolding the map. Kr'lest looked over to Brzzkrit. He was having a hell of a time trying to unfold the map, fully unfolded, the map was well over ten times larger then he was. For periods of over 1/20th of a rotation, he would dissapear in the folds and creases of the paper.

"Now if I just, push this over here... and run and grab this side, it should show right where we are." Brzzkrit was under the paper, telling Kr'lest his plans of finally opening the map. He saw the lump of Brzzkrit push part of the map out, then the lump scurried across and seemingly 'tripped'. The entire map bunching all together again, as if Brzzkrit was a black hole. Kr'lest pressed a button on the ships panel.

"There we go. Groul 4 is about 400 clicks forward. These new ships have these starmaps intergrated into it." Kr'lest turned and laughed as Brzzkrit jutted his head through the paper, ripping straight through where Groul 4 was. "And on your map, we've gotta fly straight at your head!" kr'lest was laughing now, and he turned back toward the starmap.

The urge... it was back upon him. The urge, to kill. He looked around, he was beginning to sweat now. Then he looked to Brzzkrit. He seemed sad, like a dying Memau that needed to be put out of his misery. Kr'lest went into his bag, the feel of the Electroblade in his hand sent shivers up his spine. The voice of truth returned to his head. He dropped the Electroblade back into his bag and slammed his fist into the Starmap.

"Kr'lest?? Little buddy? Are you alright?" Kr'lest made no response to any of his queries. "Buddy, I think I should drive."Brzzkrit seemed like he generally cared for him. 'He doesn't know his ruse isn't fooling me.' "Yeah, I think you should pilot for a while." Kr'lest unbuckled himself and jumped out of the seat. Brzzkrit quickly jumped over for the controls.

Kr'lest silentley floated through the space above the control panel, the weight of an antiquasar upon him. Whatever was happening, whomever was controlling him, the grip of insanity was getting tighter, and it was getting harder and harder to shake it.

"Ok little buddy. Were here, Groul 4. Home of the worst the galaxy can offer. Our key to your, err, revenge." Brzzkrit had no idea who or what Kr'lest was avenging, just that he wasn't going to let his little buddy die in the state of mind he is in.

After landing, Kr'lest and Brzzkrit made for the closest bar, which wasn't that long of a walk. In fact, the first street they saw was full of love nests and bars. They kicked the doors open. Seeing the bar was full of patrons, but one table in particular caught their attention, it was a scene directly from the Godfather. The table had a large group of Targs and Gors with one Salt Hog with what sounded like an old human accent, the humans that came from Italy.

They were walking over to the table when a young Gor came scrambling behind him. "You were the dudes that messed up all them Gors right? I heard you messed em up real good! You know that one guy that died?" The Gor, Brzzkrit and Kr'lest stopped. "Yeah?" Kr'lest knew what was coming, he was waiting for the right second.

"He was my father. And reven.." The gor had started the magic word. Kr'lest spun around, grabbing the gun in his bag. He rolled behind a table and shot the Gor straight through the chest. As he fell back, a small object fell out of the Gor's hand. It didn't seem to be the shape of a gun, but Kr'lest went over to investigate.

"Revenge is a bastard. That's why you need Keevar's Life+Health Insurance. In case you find yourself in a dark alley with three large Gors, craving some sweet blood, you can rest in peace as your loved ones...." It was a buisness card. Though not a big loss, he had made a mistake. Even as it wasn't such a big loss, another salesman bites the dust, he did just kill an unarmed man.

His little feat had caught the attention of the entire bar, including their target table, the Salt Hog got down off his chair, non-chalantly walked over to Kr'lest, put his hand on his back and said, "You've got moxy kid, come, join my inner circle."

11th Jul 2002, 17:44
And the plot thickens.....

Please feel free to continue :)

11th Jul 2002, 18:04
I've read the first few chapters (still catching up) - seems good so far, I've got Ch5 to read but keep going. :D

11th Jul 2002, 20:32
Thanks for the praises guys! I hope it's as cool reading the story as it is for me writing it, because I'm having a great time working to dwindle Kr'lest deeper and deeper into insanity.

Chapter 6

Kr'lest and Brzzkrit slowley followed the Salt-Hog to the table. "Benny, Joey, get some chairs for our new friends. I'd like to have a chat with them." Two Gors walked over to the nearest table, stealing a couple of chairs out from bar patrons. The teft was unnoticed though, as both of the Gors in the chairs had passed out, and merely fell to the ground in a drunken stupor.

"Hello. My name is Michale Bonatelli, but you can call me Mike." The Salt-Hog cracked his knuckles, loudley. "And I think you two can join our little, orginization." The Salt-Hog spoke as smoothly as he operated, having more then four Gors bowing to his every whim isn't as easy as it sounds.

"Is this some kind of Mafia? Is this a gang?" Brzzkrit was always the blatentley obvious one. "Ha ha, hey Joey, do you hear this guy?" The Salt Hog was laughing now, the rest of the Gors chimed in. "Yeah boss, a Mafia, we don't know nothing about no Mafia!" The Gor was as blunt as Brzzkrit was obvious.

"Yes, Joey is right. I am just a humble miner who has been blessed with a great many friends. And if you play your cards right, you may become one of them. I usually test those that could be my friends with a rigorous testing program, but that little stunt right there was more then enough to prove to me that you can hold your own."

"I am sorry, Mike." Kr'lest was trying to lead the conversation to the Skrashers. "Please, call me Michale Bonatelli." "Ok, Michale Bonatelli, we need to know something, and we figured you would know something about it.

"I am a man of many knowledges, and from all that I know, I know that knowledge, all knowledge has a price. And a price you must pay for the question you must ask. We have another, group of friends, that have been pestering our, minig efforts. Here, deliver this 'peace offering' to them." The Salt-Hog passed over a neatly wrapped package, and directions to another bar. 'The Forgotten Beverage'.

Leaving the bar, Brzzkrit looked confused. "That was code right? This package is a bomb, and they were a gang of thugs right? Because the story didn't seem that convincing." Brzzkrit was not exactly what you would call a bright bulb.

"No Brzzkrit, were going to deliver a present to a group of miners, and everything is going to be hunkee doree. Of corse were working for a mafia! Why do you think we came here? To be a delivery service?" Kr'lest snapped at Brzzkrit. Brzzkrit's normally smiling face faded, and he solemnly walked down the street. "I'm sorry Bzzkrit."

The conversation didnt have enough time to continue, as a neon sign 'The Forgotten Beverage' flashed above their heads. When they knocked on the door, a peephole flashed open. "Who'z der?" A Gor on the other side barked at the two. "Brzzkrit and Kr'lest, we have a message from Michale Bonatelli." The door slid slowley open.

This bar was much smaller, having only a few tables, but was adorned with pool tables and a small casino area. A long rectangular table, with a large group of Gors, was to the far left side of the bar area. A bulky black Salt-Hog waved him over.

"Hello, as you know, I am Timothy Bonatelli, have a seat, can I get you anything?" This Salt-Hog had the same accent as Michale. Brzzkrit didn't seem to quite make the association though. "Hey! You sound just like that Michale guy. And youve got the same last name too! You two also look so much alike! Are you two brothers?"

'Ugh, Brzzkrit is going to make me look like an idiot!' "OK, mabey as you don't know, I am the leader of the entire buisnesses of gambling and protection for the nearby Love Nests. Unfortunatley, I seem to be losing the battle against my brother, he seems to have some unknown source of income. My boys on the inside can't even find out where the money he uses to fight me comes from. But he has enough of it to seriously damper my efforts to control the underworld of Groul 4. Mabey, you would wish to help me find the source of his income??"

11th Jul 2002, 22:30
A quite a docile chapter, no insanity induced eltroblade antics.

I shall have to wait.

11th Jul 2002, 22:50
Don't worry, I'm using little lego people right now trying to enact the next fight scene. Anyone know how fast a grey can go from shooting two laser pistols to a backward flip to continue fighting with a long pole? Much help if you can because I'm kinda getting the timing wrong when I try that move, either the Grey moves too slow, or the guys can't catch up to him fast enough.

By the way, does anyone know the non-royalty enducing term to use when referring to the Matrix when he runs up the wall and flips over?? That may come into play as well.

Until tommorow, (or when I get the timing down right) cya!

12th Jul 2002, 19:28
Ok, timing is good now...

Chapter 7

Kr'Lest didn't want to talk about the various operations of Michale Bonatelli. He had no idea of when the bomb was going to explode. He just knew it wasn't going to be pretty when it did.

"Hey, is that a present from my little brother Michale?" Timothy Bonatelli was taking the bait. "Yes sir, Michale Bonatelli wants to call off the gang war, and wants to be one big family. No, not just one mafia family. He wants to be brothers again.

"Well then let me open this." Quick as a death ray, he opened it, revealing the bomb inside. "This isn't a present! It's a bomb! Quick, get em!!" The gors sitting near Timothy Bonatelli ran at Kr'Lest and Brzzkrit, instinctivly, Brzzkrit dove for the nearest cover. Kr'lest, though, had been long awaiting the next fight.

Kr'lest could feel the blood pumping through his little Grey arteries by now. Kr'lest could already smell the stentch of blood, flowing freely through his glands. But even with his new-found appreciation of the kill, he knew he would soon loose control

First, Kr'lest rolled off to his left, rolling over their bag of supplies and pulling out his trusty Electroblade, and holstered two laser pistols. He began to fend them off with the blade, keeping them at at least an arm's distance away from him. Backing up toward the door, he continued to keep them far enough away to protect himself. But as he got closer to the door, a Gor ran behind him and locked it. His one means of escape cut off, he thrust the blade straight through the Gor's heart. Turning him around, he used him as a shield as the three other gors began to fire at him.

Brzzkrit lay prone on the ground, and wriggled over to the sack. He was so small, no one even saw him make his way across the battlefield. As Brzzkrit rummaged for a gun, Kr'lest made his move. He threw the Gor into the crowd, and ran for the door. "Get 'im! Iz locked!" one of the Gors yelled. In response, Kr'lest jumped toward the door. As he hit it, it popped open and he trejected himself off of it as well. Flipping over in the air, he pulled out his laser pistols.

Upside down, he began to fire at the Gors. Shooting into the group, he killed one of them. In the low gravity, the midair shots boosted him even further into the air. Landing in the rafters, he began firing both pistols at another Gor. Dodging the shots of both Gors, he killed his target Gor. Brzzkrit finally found the gun and fatally shot the third Gor straight through his head.

"Gor's, get your sorry butts in here!" Twenty or so Gor's ran out of a back door at the Salt-Hog's command, and began firing at Kr'lest. 'Oh, s#*^!' Kr'lest thought. Kr'lest did a flip down to the ground. Pulling the Electroblade out of the Gor, he threw it into the crowd. It pierced straight through four of them, killing each one immediatly. Blood sprayed out of each wound the knife made, silently but effectivly slicing through each one. Running at the Gor's, dodging the lasers, he continued firing.

Eventually, his guns ran out of battery power though. He did a backflip, dislodging the chin of the closest Gor, and landed on the opposit side of a nearby pool table. Grabbing a pool stick, he began deflecting laser beams with the mirror handle. When he got into a close enough range, he began knocking out gors with his excellent handlling of the stick. Kr'lest observed every bonecracking hit he made, all the while making his way to the open door.

He found himself standing next to his still prone friend, so he began to fend the Gors off. He picked up Brzzkrit and ran out the door, three seconds before it blew up. Looking into the fire that reigned over 'The Forgotten Beverage', Kr'lest began to cry.

"Don't worry, they're all dead now. You can stop crying." Brzzkrit calmed his friend down. "I know that they're dead, but I left my Electroblade in there!!" Kr'lest went back to crying, as a small snowstorm beset the town. A battle of fire and ice danced above their heads, as Kr'lest cried over the loss of his trusty Electroblade.

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Chapter 8

The rusty doors swung open with an earsplitting creak, followed by the slamming into the walls. Kr'lest and Brzzkrit made an explosive entry back into Michale Bonatelli's establishment and walked non-chalantly over to his table and sat down. Michale was sitting, looking out the window, his back to them.

"Boy's you did a marvelous job. The flames were like sirens to my eyes. And as I remeber, knowledge is your reward, now tell me, what is it you wish to know?" Michale swung around in his chair, unfortunatley though, he slid right off and skidded across the floor. "JOEY!! I TOLD YOU TO FIX THAT!!" Michale Bonatelli returned to his seat as a large Gor bent over and began repairing his seat.

"Mr. Bonatelli, abnormally large skrashers have been floating around, and we wanted to know from where they were originating." Kr'lest grabbed a Stellar Alcohol off of a tray carried by a siren and began digging in his pocket for the 15E. "Oh no boys! Tonight, the drinks and the girls are on me! Back to your question now, I do not know the origins of these skrashers you talk of, but if you may be so kind as to do a few 'odd jobs' for me, I would be more then pleased to find out."

Kr'lest could sense when he was getting the warm can of beer. "But Mr. Bonatelli. You told us you could answer our question if we did that job for you. Why should we do another job if we are just going to get what we were promised in the first place?" Kr'lest was dicing with death. He knew talking to a mob boss like that was going to be almost certain doom.

"Kr'lest, I am not an unreasonable man, and I am big enough to admit when I am wrong. Therefore, along with the information you seek, I will also provide you with enough weaponry to set about your own holy crusade against the abnormal skrasher origins. If you do a good job, I would be glad to take you in as full time members after you finish up your buisness."

Kr'lest agreed, but Michale Bonatelli suggested they wait until the next rotation. A celebration party of the vitctory over Timothy Bonatelli was about to start, so Kr'lest and Brzzkrit decided to join in as well. A secret door was opened, behind which, a huge disco floor was revealed. The lights started up, and various gang members and bar patrons gleefully moved under the lights to dance. Kr'lest and Brzzkrit each grabbed a drink and headed out onto the dance floor.

It was semi-dark, and Brzzkrit and Kr'lest were at a corner of the dance floor. "Hey Kr'lest, look! A couple of hot Sirens over there, eh? I say we move in on them, they don't look like they have anyone with them." Kr'lest and Brzzkrit moved in on the two Sirens and they both were met with sucess. They danced the night away with their two very lovely sirens.

As the new rotation was just begining, it seemed as though the party animals inside of them had been shot in the rump with a stun gun. Along with the sirens they were with, they began to trod slowly out of the bar. Waving their good byes, mentioning a nearby motel, Michale opened another hidden door. Two hallways each lead to their own seprate suite.

"I keep a little inn here for my favorite guys. You two have a good time tonight. You picked up some real nice looking gals there! Bubbles, and you new girl, ya Vikki, make sure both of my guys get the best treatment." Both of the sirens looked up to Michale Bonatelli and very entergetically said "Yes sir!"

Kr'lest walked down the left hallway, the suite was huge, and had a King sized matress. A huge glass chandelier(sp?) adorned the ceiling, and a floor to ceiling mirror was placed directly across from the bed. The suite even had it's own private lavatron in it! As Kr'lest began examining the suite to its fullest detail, the siren called 'Vikki' sat down on the bed. She began taking off her clothing. Kr'lest ducked down and looked up at her face.

She had a very buisness-like look upon her face, but he could see in her eyes that she had a caring, soft side to her. In fact, her eyes seemed very, very familiar. "Hey. Your the siren I met back on that station, wern't you?" The siren stopped undressing and looked back at Kr'lest. He knew that the Siren he was with now was the same siren that had comforted him when his Brzzkrit's life hung in the balance.

"Hello, Kr'lest. Yep, it's me alright."

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I was going to end with a very descriptive love scene at the end of the last chapter, but I didn't think the TOU would support it.

<Scrolls through TOU.>

AlphaOmega, a saucy love scene, would it qualify as a 'no', or a 'heck no'? Yeah, I'm trying to keep this at a level where I can't get my post deleted(have to write the whole chapter over again) or get banned(no more story for you people). And I guess keeping it at a G rated level just makes it more interesting for the little people.

Chapter 9

Kr'lest sat down on the bed with Vikki. And they began to talk. "Why did you ever leave the station Vikki? It seemed that it was a very nice place. And it seems like it is a step down to come here and work as you do know." Kr'lest didn't want such a caring person to be exposed to such evils as gangs and bombings.

"Well Kr'lest, to tell you the truth, I couldn't stand it anymore!" Kr'lest became confused, and asked why. "Well, everything on the station is so darn T rated. I needed more then that. I needed to live the life of in an M rated enviornment. And belive me, this, what were going to do here, is a LOT more fun than what happens in the Love Nests back on the stations.

Vikki resumed undressing, but Kr'lest stopped her. "No, come one now! This isn't the kind of thing someone who cares as much as you do should be doing! Get dressed, I want to talk to you." The siren began dressing again, and she went over to a small ice box in the corner of the suite. She began rummaging through it, but continued to talk.

"After you left, I knew that that was the right way to go. Everything is so uptight and controlled up there. Living in segments, walking the same, dull, boring path to work from the same, dull, boring Space Inn. I need more then that! I need adventure in my life! That's why I want to come with you." Kr'lest finally knew what the Vikki was up to. 'She wants to protect me, why don't they know I can handle myself?'

"I'm sorry Vikki, but you can't come with me. It's going to be too dangerous where I'm going. You don't want to be where I'm going when the fighting starts . I don't want you to be where I'm going when the fighting starts. Your a much too kind, caring person for that kind of fighting."

"Look, I grew up next to a family of Gors. If anything, I know how to handle a gun. You can trust me! I don't need looking after. I can help you fight! I'm really good! Seriously Kr'lest! I'm not joking!" Kr'lest was rolling about the floor laughing, A siren in combat, Kr'lest thought it was the funniest thing in the entire galaxy.

"Ah, here we go, I found some champagne, here let me pour you a glass too." The siren went into the cabinet next to the icebox and pulled out two tall glasses, she poured the champagne into both glasses, and gave one to Kr'lest. "There, I've heard this kind is really good." Kr'lest and Vikki began drinking the champagne.

"Ah, champagne, the last time I had this was at that swanky new Cocktail bar up next to the..." Kr'lest began to remeber the birthday party a bunch of his pals at the Sick-Bay and Brzzkrit threw for him. 10 Gors had to drag the whole lot of them back to the Space Inn they got so drunk. "See? That's what I'm talking about! You rarely have a good drink because all of the Slugs and Monks are mucking about at the cocktail bars! You should be free to exprerience whatever you want, regardless of your class in life! Do you get what I'm saying?"

Slowley but surely, his conscious self began to fade. He stumbled over to the ice box and grabbed the bottle of champagne. 'Luv Juice-49' was it's label. He stumbled back over to the bed, and laid down on it. Then, his memory faded out.

Kr'lest woke up. He felt great. He yawned and began stretching. He got up and walked over to the lavatron. After getting thoroughly cleaned, he strolled out of the lavatron. He walked over to the mirror, and began looking at himself. At the right side of the mirror he could see the bed. He was looking at himself when he saw Vikki climb out from under the covers, entirely naked. The only thing she had to say was, "Hey there, big daddy, how did you sleep?"


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Chapter 10

"And we did, and you, and I, and... oh god." Kr'lest was pacing around the room now. He was very concerned as to what he did last night. "Mmm, yep. And I must say you are very, very good. When you took my leg and," Vikki was stopped by Kr'lest. "No, no, no. I don't want to know what exactly happened. Look, I'll talk to you later, ok?"

Kr'lest stumbled out of the suite, Brzzkrit was already at the bar. He had gotten some food from a nearby vendor and was talking with the bartender. When Kr'lest came out into the bar, Brzzkrit swung around and leaped down to the floor. "Oh man! Not only was that Bubbles girl hot, she was even better in bed. How was that Vikki girl Michale set you up with?"

"Uhm, we didn't really do anything.." Unfortunatly though a yelling from his suite of 'He was great!' gave himself away. "Oh you sly dog! I didn't know you had it in you." Brzzkrit was hovering now, he began talking about his night, when Michale Bonatelli walked in the door. "Brzzkrit, we should get our next job now.

"I'm glad you feel that way boys, because I need some help. A large gang over near the closest Oroflex has impounded a package of mine. I have set up a meeting with them to discuss the release of my propety.I don't want a war with them, but if they attack you, you may protect yourself if the need arises. You can take my hovercar when you are ready."

Kr'lest and Brzzkrit moved outside, they looked down the street, a sleek hovercar rolled down the street and parked right in front of them. A man got out and gave them the keys. He walked into the bar as Kr'lest and Brzzkrit got themselves situated, Kr'lest in the drivers seat. "You ready Brzzkrit, lets ride." The hovercar speed off in the direction Michale indicated.

As they pulled into the place the automap in the car showed, they swung the car around to a stop. As they got out, three Gor thugs walked out of an alley way.Two of them stayed back in the darkness, as one came out into the still dark morning. He patted down Kr'lest and Brzzkrit, removing their weapons. Immediatly afterwards, the two gors jumped out, and grabbed them around the back, pulling thm up from under the arms.

"So, Michale wants his package so badly? Why didn't he come himself? That way we could have killed you two AND him." The gor not holding them pulled out an electroblade. "You see, we looked inside the package, and we wanted what was inside so badly, we have decided to keep it. Ha ha, see you in the afterlife, whimpy." He moved closer and closer to Kr'lest, waving the blade as though he were about to use it.

Then the oddest thing happened. He began to bleed out of each temple, he began to fall toward the ground. Fortunatly, the Gor holding Kr'lest had released his grip a bit, and he was able to elbow him in the stomache. As he was released, he kicked the electroblade out of the first Gor's hand. It flipped through the air, and Kr'lest caught it on it's way down. The elbowed gor clutched his stomache and backed away from the two of them. He as well began bleeding out the temples, and they both fell to the ground.

Kr'lest threw the electroblade into the Gorholding Brzzkrit. It landed squarley in his right leg, he fell to the ground, still alive, and not bleeding out the temples. "Where is the package?" The Gor remained unresponsive. Kr'lest pulled out the Gor's huge Plasma Rifle, "WHERE IS THE PACKAGE!" The Gor still refused to talk. Suddenly, a hole appeared in his hand, it as well began bleeding profusely. "Ok, ok, its back in the alley, stop putting holes in me you mad man!"

Kr'lest let the gor go, as he began standing up, he went for his electroblade, Kr'lest had time only to turn around as the Gor was nearly on top of him. But yet again, he too fell to the odd 'bleeding out the temples' that his bretheren had fallen to. Brzzkrit went around to pick up the package, as Kr'lest collected the undamaged weapons that they had. They were getting back into the hovercar when Vikki knocked on the side. "Can I get in?"

Kr'lest popped open the door, they both could see now that she was carrying a huge laser rifle, and it was cooling down now from shooting. "Yeah, did you see those guys bleeding? That was me! Yep, I'm a sniper all right. I saved your behinds if you didn't notice." Kr'lest was shocked, "That, that, that was you??"

"Yes it was, now lets get off the subject, I want to come with you pn your crusade now! I've proven myself worthy, I should be able to go with you now. PPLLEEAASSEE??"

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I nkow what you can do, find an immensly popular sci-fi noval that has a similar plot( world domination, killing, phyco aliens) and copy someq of the good parts ut changinmg it slightly. THne you can have ther bes...

MunkeeChum feels a tap on his shoulder and turns around. THere is a small man in a suit wearing glasses looking at him disaprovingly. The little person who looks like he could be a lawyer whispers something in MunkeeChums ear

Plagarism?!?! I was merely telling him to use it for inspiration. If u want me to stop people basing ideas on previous idea sue me.

The Lawyer hands MunkeChum a piece of paper and shuffles of silently


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Darn, now I have competition of sorts with Arctic_Wolf and his fan fic. I really liked his the first time I read it at the old forum and with the new chapters and different ending I will be fighting a loosing battle. Hrm... I just hope the allure of almost constant violence is greater then that of a cute memau.

Chapter 11

The trio of Brzzkrit, Kr'lest and Vikki sped down the road. The lights of the city flew by, becoming blurs in the morning sky. Vikki was in the back, looking imploringly toward the front seats as Brzzkrit and Kr'lest were talking.

"Kr'lest, you have to admit... she is a very good sniper. And she did save our lives." Vikki pulled herself forward, bringing her head right between them. "Yes, I was brought up near a family of Gor's. They let me use their firing range, and I eventually bought my own sniper rifle. I've been using all of my spare time to, wah.." Kr'lest pushed her back into her seat, and continued talking to Brzzkrit.

"But Brzzkrit, we are going to be going to a very hostile area. It's bad enough you're following me, I don't want someone else getting hurt because of what I have to do." Kr'lest took a hard left, throwing everyone off balance for a second. "But Kr'lest, I still don't see why you're doing this. I'm fine, you dont need to go after whoever did this."

Kr'lest felt it coming again. The urge. This time it was very strong. He felt Brzzkrit was mocking his intentions. Brzzkrit was messing with him. Kr'lest hated it when people messed with him. Kr'lest grabbed Brzzkrit by his very tiny neck and held him up against the window of the hovercar. Still steering the car with one hand he looked at Brzzkrit.

"I am going after who or whatever is messing with the skrashers and that's final. And I am willing to destroy anything..." Kr'lest paused for a quick second. He looked to see Brzzkrit trying his hardest to loosen the grip Kr'lest had on him. "or anyone, who gets in my way."

Kr'lest released Brzzkrit and the Targ slid down off the window back into his seat. Brzzkrit began rubbing his neck as he shaked off the pain. Brzzkrit had become accustomed to taking some of Kr'lest's anger releases. The urge began to leave his body. The more gone it felt, the more he realised what a horrible thing he had just done. "I'm... sorry, Brzzkrit. I just... couldn't control myself. It's... I'm... loosing control. Each time I loose it.. it gets harder to bring myself back under control." He looked down at the floor. It wouldn't have been a problem...

Except he was supposed to be driving. Before he realized what he was doing they were careening off the road. He pulled the Emergency break and stopped right before he hit a Rouless Wheel. As if nothing had happened, he pulled back onto the road and zipped off towards Michale's Bar. Package in arm, three cop hovercars pulled up behind them. Coming up to a red light, traffic going both ways, Kr;lest calmly looked back at the cars and said, "Hold on."

Kr'lest had a new urge take over him now. His adrenaline was pumping, and he was calculating a plan to show just how crazy he could be. He looked hard down the long, straight road. He looked, and almost giving up, he found exactly what he needed for his plan to work.

Kr'lest began accelerating toward the four way intersection. He was going 60, 70, 80, 90 MPH going down the stretch toward what appeared to be incoming doom. He began to be pressed back into the seat as he continued accelerating even more. His needed element was another hovercar that was stopped at the intersection. It was crimson red, and had a sleek design. It was areodynamically (sp?) superior to many other models in its class. It must have cost about a million E and seemed to have had many extra features.

Well, Kr'lest used that hovercar as the most expensive ramp ever. Pulling the front of the car up, he shot up over the traffic. Making a ten point landing, he continued to speed down the road. The cops were left waiting behind the traffic, as Kr'lest pulled into Michale's garage.

Walking out from behind his bar, they were greeted by two of Michale's biggest bodyguards. "Duh.. package, puh-leese." Kr'lest handed it over, and Michale came running out from behind his guards. "Eh Joey, don't treat him like a common thug. I saw him pull off that little stunt to loose the cops. You did good kid, real good. And belive me, I have all of my spies looking into your little problem. We seem to have them originating someplace within this sector of Gamma Quatra. Were still trying to find which planet it is on, but it is definatly not this one."

Kr'lest nodded and sat down at the bar, ordering a Stellar Alcohol, he began to drink. The pieces of the puzzle were coming together now, and soon, his vengence would be served. Brzzkrit and Vikki sat down next to Kr'lest, and began talking. "Kr'lest, I think Vikki should come with us." Kr'lest nodded. "Yes, she can come with us. We are going to need all the help we can get." Kr'lest finally came to realize that his caring Vikki could be a ruthless killer, and it seemed that the thought began to please him.

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By the way, I'm on vacation from tommorow till late monday, so I'm not going to be able to get a chapter in. I'll have one late monday though, so don't worry, the story is NOT DYING.

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Chapter 12

The trio of Kr'lest, Brzzkrit and Vikki sit quietly at the bar. Kr'lest is looking deeply into his glass when Michale Bonatelli comes out from his back office. "Hello there my good buddies. And who do we have here? Vikki, right? Shouldn't you be back at work... I ain't paying you to talk to my guys."

"Sir, I am resigning. I want to go with Kr'lest on his mission!" Michale motioned at Kr'lest to follow him. The two went into his back room, the door creaking closed. Michale Bonatelli walked over to his desk, and Kr'lest sat down in the seat in front of it. "Hey, you must be some kind of guy to get one of my gals to stick with you on a permanant basis. Just make sure you don't talk to more of my gals, can't loose my profits."

"Speaking of profits, your brother spoke of an unknow source of income, what was he talking about?" Michale Bonatelli seemed intrigued by his question. "He didn't know? Oh, what is it? I smuggle Memau's and other pets into areas that don't allow them. We make quite a bundle off of them. But enough of my profits, we need to move on. A large meeting of the various families is going on later today."

"And where do we come in?" Kr'lest knew where this was going, playing coy was just his way. "I need the two, or three, of you to represent me, for I have more important classified buisness to take care of. But as you don't know much of what has been happening, I have a small droid here to teach you of our position on current topics." A tiny scutter droid waddled over to Kr'lest, it was so small though that Kr'lest picked him up in his hand.

"Take care of that, it cost a lot to build. Be off with you!" Kr'lest stumbled out in a hurry. Michale was hiding something, and Kr'lest didn't like it. The urge came upon him yet again, staring at the door, he walked through hundreds of battle situations with him. Varois knifings, gunnings, he even had the idea to grab his umbrella, shove it down his throat, and then opening it. But Kr'lest knew that he would never get what he wanted if he killed Michale.

Piling into the car, the scutter began droning on about the opinions of the gang. While Kr'lest drove to the new location marked on the vidmap, Brzzkrit took down notes. Vikki didn't seem to like the non-hostility of the meeting, so she began cleaning and polishing her sniper rifle. The drive was very unevntful, Vikki falling asleep in the back and Brzzkrit began drawing faces on the scutter.

The building marked on the map was a large warehouse. Smoke stacks all around it billowed smog and dirt. A very errie feeling came over them all as they stopped right at the door. Nabbing Brzzkrit's notes. "Hrm... ok so there is a Salthog gang, that's us, Grey, Targ, Gor, Turraken, and Gem Slug gangs. Yep, got the opinions, let's roll." The three of them pushed the large door open with a long lound moaning.

They were dead.

Gangster bodies, piles and piles of them everywhere. The entire warehouse stunk of death and decay. It seemed as though there had been an entire war in just that room. Kr'lest and Brzzkrit waded through the corpses as Vikki ran from the door. She went to the back of the building and fell out of Kr'lest's view. "Eh, Kr'lest, guess this makes the meeting that much easier. All that studying for nothing..."

Kr'lest dropped his paper, he had opened a door which appearead to be a closet, more fresh bodies were stacked there, from floor to ceiling they were crammed in as hard as possible. "Brzzkrit, I think this is going to just make it that much harder... just that much harder..."
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3rd Aug 2002, 03:01
I have the main evil honcho villain planned out, I'm just taking time thinking about who's going to be his lacky. But enough about story spoilers, I'm going to go contemplate.

10th Aug 2002, 04:24
Woah, I almost forgot about my freakishly violent fanfic here. Sorry all! Heres a chapter!

Chapter 13

Brzzkrit and Kr'lest were standing in a corner of the building. The had placed all of the bodies in jumbled masses by race. Kr'lest turned to Brzzkrit with a startling conclusion. "Hey Brzzkrit, look out there, what do you see?" Brzzkrit was squatting on the floor, he looked up to respond, "Bodies."

"Yes, yes, but look! Gem slugs, greys, a couple salthogs that obviously arrived early, turrakens, gors, what's missing?" Brzzkrit knew that Kr'lest had the answer but wanted him to guess anyway. "The nuke that killed them all." Kr'lest laughed for the first time in a while for a brief moment. "Nonono, TARGS! The only race that isn't here are the Targs! They obviously got away with killing the representatives of each gang."

As the two went out back to find Vikki, Brzzkrit had another explanation. "We Targ may be smart, but we can be late you know. Mabey they just didn't arrive in time for the combat." Kr'lest turned it around on him. "But your aallwwaayyss on time for work aren't you, eh?"

Vikki was sobbing at the back of the warehouse. Kr'lest and Brzzkrit made no attempt to console her, they just caringly escorted her back to the car. They both agreed that she had best be left out of any combat any time soon. Following the map to what was suspected of being the Targ hideout. They came upon a large dance club.

"Ok, Brzzkrit, you come around the back, and I'll act as a normal patron coming in the front. When you hear the gunfire, you pop in, all right?" The plan was mutually agreed to, and Brzzkrit began sneaking around the club. Kr'lest waited a moment to look back at Vikki. She seemed so sad in the car, crying, holding her sniper rifle close to her heart. Kr'lest was finally affirmed that she was still a very caring person, despite her combative skills.

Kr'lest opened the door to find a place which could be a lot of fun. He was greeted standing right next to the bar unit and tables. Immediatly in front of him was a disco floor next to a mini rouless wheel. And to his right was an elevated dance floor, where naked and undressing sirens were shaking it all for well paying and well drunken customers.

A Targ in the stripping area caught his eye. A targ wearing a black suit, a bit taller then the rest, with two naked sirens sitting next to him. Kr'lest began moving over toward him when two gor thugs stopped him. "Dauhhh, you can't not see da boss without an app-oink-ma, ma, ma, duuah, does he know who you is?" Kr'lest was startled by the complete and entire ineptitude of the Gor. "Just tell him the hit he put on the other gangs was great."

The Targ stopped talking to his sirens, and walked over to Kr'lest. "They already got that stuff all over the news eh? And after that your still enough of a nut job to come over here, and tell me about MY hit to MY face?" Kr'lest had learned the sweet, sweet art of suck up by now. "The power of your hit compelled me so much that I had to tell you about it."

The Targ scratched his chin with his incredibly small arm. "You've got balls coming here boy, I have to give that to you. Eh bartender, give this guy here a drink on me. Come boy, your getting a show on the house!" The two of them walked over to his private booth, as the two stupid guards went back to their seats.

As they sat down, the two sirens snuggled right up to him as he continued to talk to Kr'lest. "So, which part did you like better, the bit that none of them had drawn their pistols, or that we stacked as many of their bodies in the closet as we could stuff?" Kr'lest thought for a second, but the thinking soon changed to plotting, as the urge that was so familiar to him came upon him. Going 'hmm' during this time covered up his plotting. He had gotten a better hang at the whole evil possesion thing his body had been going through. And pretty soon, a plan was thought.

"I prefered the part where the Targ got a fist to the face!" The targ gave Kr'lest a puzzled look as he punched him right in the middle of his face. The entire room went dead silent. First the strippers on the stage noticed, then the onlookers, followed by the gamblers, dancers and bar patrons. Soon, the musice stopped, and all eyes were on Kr'lest.

"You've got some nerve coming to MY establishment, drink MY beer, and look at MY girls, but to top it off..." One of the Targ's gor's was sneaking up behind Kr'lest. He heard it over the Targ's rantings, as his huge feet didn't make well for sneaking. Kr'lest drew his laser pistol and fired a shot straight through the Gor's head, still looking straight at the Targ. "You were saying?"

It seemed as if every Gor in the entire establishment was all over him now, Kr'lest was fending the off as best he could Kung-Foo style. One minute into the hand to hand combat and still no sign of Brzzkrit. The Targ had crawled out from the combat and ran out the front door, as many of the still naked strippers and drunken patrons did.

Ten minutes into the brawl and Kr'lest's demonic presence was beginning to fade. This was not good, the Gor's seemed to multiply in number and swarm all around him. Pretty soon the Gor's started becoming fuzzy to his view. Kr'lest was definatly running out of juice. This kind of combat wasn't going to last much longer and Kr'lest had to resort to just blocking off his attackers.

The sound of Brzzkrit finally came to his ears. "HEY BUDDY! I GOT A PRESENT FOR YOUR GOR FRIENDS!" Brzzkrit was in the back door. He was carrying a gun that was as big as him and 5 times as long. Kr'lest's vision became darker, and he fell to the floor. Kr'lest could feel the Gor bodies falling all over him.

It was later that day, the sun was setting, and Kr'lest was laying down in a grassy area of Groul 4. By his side was Vikki, she smiled at him and they looked out at the setting sun. The sky turned a dark, deep red just as the sun was going over the horizon. But the horizon began to fade, and all that was left was the red, and a lot of it. Kr'lest finally realised what he was looking at.

He was face first into a puddle of blood. He was unaware as to who's blood it was, but he knew it was not sanitary laying in a pool of blood. He tried to get up, but he couldn't. It was as if he weighed a million pounds and couldn't get up. He struggled and pushed, trying to force his way back upright, but he could not, and his vision went from red back to the black he had seen before...
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Pardon the lack of updates to this as I had quite the computer mess up. The internet wouldn't work and I couldn't get on for a bit there. Terribly sorry though.

Chapter 14

It was black... as if he was stuck in a black hole no light, no objects, nothing could be seen. Kr'lest looked down, only to find he couldn't see himself. But then, a blindingly bright light filled Kr'lest's vision. A large skrasher appeared, eclipsing in the light.

"Cooome my friend. It isss... dessstiny." Kr'lest became aware of himself. He could see all the parts of himself, and began floating up towards the light. "Yesss, just a bit further... You'll..." Kr'lest couldn't hear what the skrasher was saying, as he began plummeting back down towards.. whatever was under him.

Turning around, he could slowly see a large land mass coming into view. And it seemed he was falling faster and faster towards it. Kr'lest's blood was cold as ice as he began falling down towards the ground. Just as he hit the ground, Kr'lest heard his bones cracking... He began to scream.

"AAAAAAHHHH!!" Kr'lest screamed as loud as he could. He looked around, he was back at the bar, on the floor. Brzzkrit was knocked on the ground next to him. "Oh boy Kr'lest, you gave me a fright there. I'm just snappin your bones back into joint. I'm no doctor, but I can see they broke quite a few. I popped the bones that I could back into their joints, but as i said,"

"Who?" Kr'lest was astondingly confused. "What do you mean who? Those stupid gors falling all over you! The ones I gunned down with that huge machine gun over there?" Brzzkrit pointed over, but the best Kr'lest could do was flop his head over. Vikki was carrying a huge gun, Kr'lest couldn't see the whole thing though, but that of which he did was huge.

"Ugh, I must look like a broken jigsaw puzzle all on the floor like this, should I try to stand up?" "Not if you value your legs sir." Two greys walked into the room. Laying out a stretcher, they picked up and dropped Kr'lest into the stretcher. As they began putting him into the ambulance, they began to get some more snow again. The crisp, cool snowflakes comforted him much more then the drugs they were pumping into him.

All the way through the ambulance ride, Brzzkrit was up in the front messing with the radio of the ambulance. But as he looked to Vikki, she was staring into his eyes. He could faintly feel her hands wrapped around his right hand, as his other arm was being injected with chemicals. Soon though, he began to black out again.

He had the same dream again, the light the skrasher, the falling, except when he hit the ground in this dream he couldn't hear his bones break, the contact sounded more like many metalic things hitting something else.

"Oh *Bleep*! I'm so stupid. I gotta clean up this mess now." A grey nurse was cleaning up some surgical implements when Kr'lest woke up. But Kr'lest did wake up in the company of his friends. "Hey Kr'lest? The docs here say your going to be a week before you can continue fighting like you were. But it's ok, we should slow down anyway."

"No, no, Brkrit. We aren't slowing down. No, you go talk to Michale Bonatelli and see if he's got any new info. And get ready to because when I get out of these casts and bindings were going to kick some skrasher butt? Alright?" Brzzkrit nodded, and the two left him in the hospital. Without much else to do, Kr'lest slipped himself back to sleep.

Kr'lest's dreams seemed to have returned to normal. And by normal, he felt his new dreams of randomly killing mobsters with various gorey ways was normal. But in the deep recesses of his mind, he thought about the way he was before all the fighting and bloodshed. Before he started killing things. But it became harder and harder to recall those thoughts with each kill he made in real life.

"Pff, I hope this is all worth it.."

Shorter chapter then usual, but it's 1:00 AM here now and I'm gettin pretty gosh darn tired.

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Chapter 15

after about a week in the hospital, Kr'lest was back on his feet again. Brzzkrit and Vikki met him outside of the hospital in the same limo they were in before. "Ah, glad to be out. The food there tastes like space vermin droppings. But that aside, have we learned anything on the skrashers?"

Kr'lest went around to the driver side of the hoverlimo, but as he was going to get in, he stumbled a bit. "Mabey I should drive, you can sit down in the back." Kr'lest walked to the back seat and slid in to the middle. As Vikki and Brzzkrit got situated up front, they continued to talk.

"So? Do we know anything?" Kr'lest had become overly anxious about the whereabouts of the disturbances to the point where he was right up in Brzzkrit's face asking him. "Yes, yes, it's this planet out toward the Gorulien Black Hole. Michale has all of our weapons and a ship prepared for us at his launch site near the bar, were going now."

"But Brzzkrit, I don't know if Kr'lest is in any condition to fight. What if he gets hurt?" Vikki turned back toward him and touched his head with the back of his hand. "I think he's got a fever too." Kr'lest began seeing Vikki in a whole new light. She wasn't just a siren to him any more. She was the siren. The siren he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.

"Vikki, if you don't want to come, me and Kr'lest could do this alone." Brzzkrit unaware of the obvious. "I'm not scared! Just concerned about him, ok? Look, were already here, lets just get on the ship!" A medium sized ship was laying dormant in front of the limo. The group walked quitly towards it to find Michale waiting for them.

"So, I can't convince you to stay with me, eh? Well, just don't get yourself killed, I'm going to need your services in the future. Well, the keys are in it, have a good trip, kick some *** for me, you hear?" The group said their goodbyes to Michale and started up the craft. As they took off, kr'lest headed to the cockpit. "Hey, when are we supposed to get there?" "Oh, early next rotation you should get some sleep, I'll throw this into auto pilot and cloak it. We should be fine until we get there."

All three of them left the cockpit and made their way to the berth. As Kr'lest was being tipped back, and the pod was closing, he began to think about what he was getting into, what he could be facing on this planet. Staring at the metal above him, he began to miss the inn back at the station. How the chronometer was always broken, the messed up scuzzers, everything. But sleep finally came upon him, and he fell back into his gorey dreams.

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Chapter 16

Ding, ding, ding. The chronometer sounded. The three companions began waking up from their berth slumber pods. The chronometer was set to go off right before they landed. "Ok, let's go to the armory, Kr'lest your going to love this!" Brzzkrit showed Kr'lest the way to the armory, Vikki, still rubbing her eyes in the berth yelled, "Just grab me a Power Armor MKII, I've already got my sniper rifle and grenades situated."

Brzzkrit pressed a small button on the wall, opening a huge metal door. A light mist began pouring out of the room, and Kr'lest's jaw drop. A tear came from his eye as he looked at all of the wonderful weaponry and armor throughout the room. Guns, big guns, bigger guns, huge guns, almost every kind of gun was there. "Brzzkrit, there are way too many guns and armors here! What are we going to do with..."

Hundreds of Gors began filling into the room. They started taking the biggest guns and the heaviest armors there. "Where the heck did those gors come from?" Kr'lest was unaware of the huge cryopods at the bottom of the ship. "They were in cryo, they've been waiting for a huge battle worthy of their summoning for twenty years. And today were gunna get it, right boys!" Collectivly, Brzzkrit and every gor made a loud grunt noise and continued working.

After the gors were all suited, they were left with only 2 suits of armor left, both custom made. One for Brzzkrit, and one for Vikki. There were also a couple of guns and a box of grenades. "Brzzkrit, where's MY stuff?" Kr'lest was running a new electroblade through his fingers, but the gor it belonged to came and took it from him. "Kr'lest, we have a special room for you." Another, smaller door opened, puffing out the same mist.

In it contained a grey Power Armor MKII, two Sunbeam Laser submachine gun, enough plasma grenades to blow up a large building, and two energy katanas. "Brzzkrit, this is truly heaven." Kr'lest was admring all of his elite weaponry as he put his armor on. "Brzzkrit, it's too big." But the armor seemed to respond, shrinking down to his size. "Brzzkrit, what just happened?"

"It's a Trillium power armor buddy, it's completly customizeable, as natural as skin and as tough as a blast door. At least thats what Arona said, but we tested them and their pretty darn strong, not as tough but... oh were landing. Get ready, were going out soon." Brzzkrit carged his gun and ran out of the room toward the port.

Kr'lest grabbed his two katanas and slid them into designated katana sheaths in his armor. His armor also had a cap on it. Under the cap were the words "Insert grenades here." So Kr'lest popped open the cap and poured his grenades into it. When they were all in, the cap molded back into normal armor, and another hole formed under his arm. He figure it was a grenade launcher, intergrated into his armor.

"Yes." Kr'lest heard inside his armor. "What?" He asked. "Yes, that is a grenade launcher. I am your suit, I will respond to any questions asked about myself." Suddenly, part of the armor came down in front of his eyes. "Can't see! Can't see!" He yelled. But soon, sensor relays began displaying around him. Only, they were inside the armor. Though it was disorienting at first, he soon got used to the ability to see all around hismelf and the various readouts on moving objects.

As Kr'lest arrived at the large grouping, Brzzkrit was just finishing off his war speech. Vikki was just getting to the crowd as well. She stood right next to Kr'lest, and began listening intently as though she had been there the whole time. They clapped and whistled the loudest when Brzzkrit was done, and the port opened. They all began pouring out, to be greated by what could be the nastiest sand storm ever.

"Where are we going!" Kr'lest screamed over the wind. "OOOW!! Kr'lest! We have a comm link! Jeeze! Ya don't have to yell!! But beside that, were going to be walking 5 miles to a secluded fortress, there are anti-aircraft weaponry along the way, so that's why we have to walk." Brzzkrit yelled back at him. A various gor popped in to the link, saying "Eh, this sandstorm ain't nothing like the ones we had at, AAAH!!!!" Kr'lest turned back towards where his suit dectected him at.

The gor was on the ground, dead. Large gouges minced his once huge armor into tiny little pieces. He was cut up very badly as well, and looked to even have a couple bite marks in him. The entire group of them gasped in horror. "Stop, look over there." "And there" "Lookit those!" Gors were popping in and out of the comm link with generally the same things. Large hulking shadows were surrounding them. They began to huddle together, as the shadows got closer and closer.

"FIRE!" Kr'est gave the order, and the Gors began firing at the shadows. Suddenly, the shadows started closing in at astounding rates. Dashing through the sandstorm winds, huge skrashers began attacking the group. Kr'lest ran away from the gors into a group of four skrashers. Doing a cartweel between the first two, he stopped and did a backflip over the last two. Firmly planted behind them, the confused skrashers were no match for Kr'lest's submachine guns akimbo.

This form of fighting continued on for quite some time. For one being, Kr'lest killed quite a few of the huge skrashers. Plenty of assists from Vikki though. And the gors as a group were quite powerful. Eventually, the remaining skrashers began retreating. Though Vikki was able to cap most of the retreating force, three or four of them got away. The gored soldiers were looted for batteries, as none of them wanted to run out of power midcombat.

When the looting was done, they continued their walk towards the base, completly unaware of what waited for them in the desert sands.

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Chapter 17

"I can see the fortress guys, were getting close." Kr'lest was right in the middle of the remaining gors. They had been attacked another three times recently, so the gor numbers had dwindled down to about thirty. One gor in the front suddenly stopped moving. The rest of the group bumped past him, but when Kr'lest discovered he wasn't following the group at the back, he stopped the group.

"We've been 'tacked by most darned every monstrosity I've ever did see. And I ain't taking this crap anymore!" The Gor took his gun and placed the barrel into his mouth. his finger twitched on the trigger as tears began to come from his eyes. "Soldier, it ain't worth it. Don't you go..." Brzzkrit's efforts to calm the gor down were in vain. Gor brains were splattered all over the desert sands. An extremly greedy gor picked up his batteries within moments of the gors death.

They cntinued on, leaving the corpse right where it was. Within an hour, they were right up to the fortress walls. Panels began flipping out of the fortress, revealing laser cannons. The gors were caught completly off guard and each was minced into little tiny pieces. The only survivors were Vikki, Kr'lest and Brzzkrit. Even with the three surviors still very much alive, the panels flipped back over. A speaker above them became active.

"Hello, I've been expecting you. Please, come in." The doors opened to the command of this unknown entity. "It's a trap, Kr'lest." Brzzkrit was reloading his gun, apparantly knowing that danger lurked ahead. "We have no choice Brzzkrit, lets go." The three adventurers walked through the fortresses large doors.

The floor opened. And all three of them began sliding down tubes. Kr'lest down one, and Vikki and Brzzkrit down another. When Kr'lest finally landed, he was in an arena. It looked like it was an exact replica of an Earthen coliseum. A large vidwindow opened, and a shadowy figure was on it. "Kr'lest, I've seen you fighting, and I'm quite impressed. I want to see how you do against these."

The vidwindow closed, and four doors on the opposite side of the coliseum opened. About 16 skrashers came out of the doors, forming a line on the opposite side of the coliseum. but these wern't normal skrashers, or even the larger breed of skrashers he was accustomed to. These ones had guns, huge guns at that. Kr'lest figured he was going to be in a heck of a lot of trouble.

But his fighting urge came back to him. But this urge was new, it was unlike any he had before. He seemd to become in tune with everything around him and the tiredness he felt was gone. His blood was boiling and his entire body was itching for some combat. "To make it interesting, I took the liberty of taking your guns." That was when Kr'lest realised his guns were missing.

The skrashers began firing their guns. 'Hmm, these skrashers are shooting bullets faster then I can count. Wait a seconds, how can I see them?' Kr'lest was thinking. The bullets were travelling at a microscopically slow speed. In fact, the skrashers were moving at the extremly slow speed as well. It was like he was watching them fight in slow motion.

But he wasn't fighting that slow at all. He did a cartwheel parallel to the skrashers, bullets flying by him like they were bending ut of his way. Coming out of the cartwheel, he drew his katanas and began running at them full force. The peppering of bullets were easy to avoid. He had only to tilt his head or lean to a side to dodge them.

When he finally got to close range with a skrasher, he impaled it with both of his swords. Using it as a bullet shield, he moved closer toward the rest of the skrashers. He slid the skrasher off of his katanas and did a front flip over the body. He threw both katanas straight down into two skrashers. They both went straight through the skrashers, fully impaling each one. He quickly sidestepped back behind one of the bodies, as it was harder to dodge the bullets from such close ranges.

He finally stole a gun off of one of the skrashers corpses and began firing into the crowd. When the gun ran out of ammo, only one skrasher remained. Dazed and confused, the skrasher did not expect Kr'lest to dash at him unarmed. But that he did, and he knocked him over and began beating the life out of him. When the skrasher finally went limp, Kr'lest went over to his katanas and pulled them out of the skewered skrashers.

The shadowy vidcreen popped back up. "Interesting, very interesting."

26th Aug 2002, 10:13
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And then, cupcakes begain raining down on him from the roof of the arena.

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Chapter 18

One of the metallic doors the skrashers came out of creaked open once again. "Please, enter the door to claim your prize." The smell of a trap in progress was suffocating him. He knew that as soon as he entered the door, the floor would open up on him and he'd be sent plummeting down into some other twisted arena battle.

Kr'lest stepped into the dark room and the door shut behind him. Elevator music began playing, and kr'lest calmly tapped his foot. The floor began to jolt, and Kr'lest jumped into the air. Putting his feet up against one wall of the tiny room, he held himself up by his hands. He felt the room raising upwards. It was just an elevator.

"We are coming to our destination, if you would please kindly step into the middle of the elevator, I dont want you to squish up against the celing." The elevator wasn't an elevator at all. He realised it was just a lifting platform. There was a hole in the ceiling of the shaft. When he was finally lifted into his destination, he realised it lead straight to a cage. The lift acted as a floor to the cage and he could not escape.

"Welcome to my underground lair, Mr. Kr'lest. Do you like the industrial cage I put you in, very quaint, yes?" Kr'lest was in the room with the shadowy figure. Even so, shadows obscured his face and general features. "I see you got through your test in one piece. I wonder how your friends will fare?" A screen rose up from outside of the cage, and reveald Vikki and Brzzkrit in a room much like the arena he was in before.

"Ugh, this place is so drab... it could use some redecorating." Vikki was looking around the room when the four doors opened. Instead of huge mutating gun toting skrasher, memau began pouring into the room by the buttload. Brzzkrit was a memau fan, and he began walking toward them. "Vikki, these memau, oh they're so cute!" Brzzkrit bent over and pet one. There were about 40 of them when the doors finally closed. Brzzkrit turned back to Vikki, who rather disliked the things. "Hey, whatchu gout against Me..."

The rest of his sentance went unheard. The moment Brzzkrit turned his back on the furry little guys, they began to grin. Not an 'I'm a happy cat' grin, not even a 'I like that' kind of grin. This was the kind of grin that was usually followed by the words "I'm going to get you'. And get him they did. The great horde of memau jumped Brzzkrit and knocked him over. The rending and tearing of targ flesh sent shivers up Kr'lests spine.

Brzzkrit began fending them off as best he could, memau flew across the arena every time he flailed to get out of the mosh pit of death. Vikki was popping the ones that were away from Brzzkrit, but they moved so quickly she didn't get too many of them. When she ran out of battery power she threw her gun to the ground. Running as fast she could, she booted almost the entire group off of Brzzkrit with one swift kick. The ones that didn't come off immediatly were stomped to the ground by Vikki.

The camera on the vidscreen zoomed in on Brzzkrit. Vikki slowly bent down to investigate Brzzkrit, the memaus dazed across the arena from the mind-numbing kick. Large hunks of Brzzkrit were missing, apparantly... eaten. Kr'lest reeled back from the vidscreen in horror. The memaus began getting back up from the kick, and none were rather pleased about it. All at once, they began to beeline straight for Vikki. She picked up Brzzkrit's submachine laser gun and began firing it into the memau horde.

One by one, the furry little creatures died to the blazing salvo. But she wasn't killing them fast enough, she too would eventually be mauled. One particularly fast memau got its teeth clamped around Vikki's ankle. Still firing into the crowd, she used her other foot to crush the poor little buggers cranium like a pinata. The memau began closing in on her, and she was running out of power faster then ever. Click.. click.. click.. click.. click.. She finally ran out of power.

Throwing the gun at one of the nasty things, she began to kick at them. Unfortunatly the Memaus had become accustomed to her kickings and were dodging them rapidly. Soon, she too was knocked over by these rabid memaus. But Vikki was quite a bit bigger then Brzzkrit, she was able to knock them off with some effort. Grabbing a dazed memau she threw it as ahrd as she could at another memau. The memaus were unnacustomed to this, and were easy prey to the flying bodies.

When the dust had cleared, all of the memau were dead. The door opened, and she walked in as well. As Kr'lest heard the rumblings of another lift coming up, a cage atomatically slid over, and part of the floor slid out. Vikki was now trapped in a cage as well. The figure stood up from his apparant seat. "Now, what do we have here..."

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29th Aug 2002, 02:04
No, Evil Satanic Devil Memau from Hell would never make passive skrashers. They make Pissed-Off Despodic(sp?) Blood-Craving Hellbane Skrashers. They make Hitler look like a member of a church choir. With the 9-11 anniversary coming up I didn't want to talk about it as I don't want a ban or anything like that.

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*DMA hides*

23rd Jun 2005, 00:16
dude this fanfic ***in rules!!!!wot th hell happened?y didnt u finish it,u were so close aswell,i mean dude u cant jus stop writin as ur gettin 2 th big finally.ill b perfectly honest i joined this forum thing jus 2 tell u that i love it.an 2 let u no that 3yrs on there r ppl still readin it so u owe it 2 ppl 2 finish it lol,thanx :D :D :D :D :D