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7th Jul 2016, 22:58
I'm signed up for the news letter and I still didn't get an email saying elusive target 5 was active.

I have completed 1 out of the 5 targets so far, mostly due to not even knowing they were live. The one target that I was able to complete was because I just so happened to log in to play and saw it was there.

I love Hitman this game is amazing, and I have played the entire franchise. But giving no notification or a heads up that a target is live/coming is absolutely ridiculous. Just short of logging in every SINGLE day to the Hitman website or into the game you won't know a target is live. I have a life, and if I know I have 72 hours or whatever it is to get a target I can make the time; but to expect me to constantly check your site or the game is absurd.

I love the idea of the elusive target it's as close to being an assassin as you can get, no re-try's, limited time frame, no saves. That concept is beautiful and so unique, no other game has that feature. Yet that only matters if I know a target is LIVE. Otherwise I log in and yep there it is another target missed, why? Because I didn't even know it was active.

Can someone give me some ideas to get a notification that a target is live just short of checking this website/game every day.

For the Dev's how about a text message, or an email list just for elusive targets, or even have the target timer start when I actually log into the game. This way I can see a target is now live and I have 72 hours to do it, let me come back later and do it when I have more time because right now I only have 30 minutes or whatever.

Please this is ridiculous, find a way to keep the great concept without cheating me out of a game.


7th Jul 2016, 23:41
Hi Bryce,

I find it odd that you don't get an email about the elusive targets going live when you signed up for the newsletter. Are you sure you signed up properly? Because I also have signed up and I have ALWAYS got the email about the ET going live. All 5 I was informed.

Also, if you have a smartphone, you can get the new Hitman companion app which tells you when targets arrive and the time remaining.

Or if you have Twitter, add @HITMAN to your following group and get all Hitman updates that way. If you don't have a smartphone, then I suggest coming here every so often as all targets are announced here a good 2 weeks before they go live.

Goodluck, 47.