View Full Version : Taking damage during Takedowns in DXMD?

7th Jul 2016, 20:10
Does Jensen take damage during the takedown animations now? I saw a gameplay vid where he took damage while doing a Typhoon animation. I have mixed feelings if this is the case...I hated how time literally stopped in DXHR, but liked it that you didnt take damage since it took a full energy bar away. Thoughts?

8th Jul 2016, 16:49
I doubt it. Who would use the takedowns if you could be killed while doing them? It would be player-triggered suicide. And that's why the takedowns in general are horrible game design. Either the takedowns are totally worthless or completely broken, there's no in-between with the way they've designed them.

8th Jul 2016, 18:24
Who would use the takedowns if you could be killed while doing them?

Well...if you consider Hitman Codename 47 where you can "takedown" an enemy with fiber wire, there is no pausing time or other enemies, there is no screen black out right before it, you just have to time it so another guard doesn't see you do it. Otherwise you are stuck in the animation taking damage.

9th Jul 2016, 22:42
But you can also only perform that takedown on an unaware enemy, unlike the ones in the recent Deus Ex games. And Hitman is a game about taking out enemies, Deus Ex is not. Compared to every other weapon in HR, the takedowns were far and away the most powerful thing you had at your disposal.