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4th Jul 2016, 06:34

I'm a long time Hitman fan and have bought every single one since the inception. I love this game and feel it is well worth the price. I have a couple of notes to share that I'd like to get feedback on.

1. I'm in agreement with a few people that the Elusive Targets need to be bought back randomly. I say this for a few reasons:

a) I was just trying the latest mission, #5, when as soon as I accepted the terms reminder and it went to the loading screen the power went out at my house, only temporarily, but enough to shut everything down. At which point, I'm thinking, "Oh, great, I'm gonna be so pissed off if it counts that as my attempt. Luckily, it did not and I was able to try to do it without power interruptions.

b) For late adopters, this would leave a giant hole in the game, if I had just bought (which is entirely possible because I saw almost no advertisment for it and it is not out on disc so you have no retailers pushing it), I would feel slighted. I kinda did anyway because I was away from home during one of the ETs.

c) It is a fairly decent amount of investment, time and otherwise, for only 48-60 hours of playability.
How it's done is set for fair debate, but it has to be done. I understand the case for leaving it as is, but to not do so would severely disadvantage the game for future play. Plus, we need to allow for "**** happens". I have had periods where my Internet services have been down for 3 days. It's hardly fair to take that out on the gamer, no matter how realistic you want to be.

2. Another note of interest would be to add a little bit more real world fundamentals, such as the ability to lock doors, it would certainly change the game play if the security guards had to have a key before they come barging in to shoot up the place. It would allow you time to set defenses and what not. 47 is required to obtain keys and what not, so should everyone else. That extra time could be used to hide bodies and remove other evidence.

3. I think the developers should give out a bit more in terms of a time line of how far they plan to take this game. I understand that a "season" is being referred to, but given the potential of this franchise and expandability of this release, knowing how far they truly want to take it makes it easier to justify spending more money on it.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for now. I would appreciate your feedback and community discussion.