View Full Version : will Hitman recieve a Platinum Trophy at the end of the season?

4th Jul 2016, 05:44
I know most of you guys probably play it on the pc but I still hope someone might know/have heard/has a plausible explanation.

I play on the ps4 and am quite the trophy hunter since i want to keep my e-peen as big as possible. However i don't want this to become a discussion about the worth of trophies so i'll explain my thoughts.

As far as i know, every full ps4 game and even some (or most?) PSN games have a Platinum Trophy for collecting all other trophies the game has to offer.

the problem with Hitman is the episodic release, because it lets the levels come out as severate "parts" in the trophy list, much like dlc of other games. I don't know whether there are specific rules from Playstation that the game companies have to adjust to when making the trophies, but couldn't it be possible to just put a platin trophy in the last chapter of this season which you get if you have all the other hitman trophies of each chapter?

so if anyone knows anything or has any ideas please let me know

4th Jul 2016, 16:33
I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but I also would very much like to see the addition of a platinum trophy for this game.

5th Jul 2016, 03:16
Not every full PS4 game has a plat and I can use an episodic game as an example

The Walking Dead: Season Two

Has no platinum trophy and was originally an episodic release. Regardless, I believe every Square Enix game on PS4 has one, so I would not worry, my whoring brethren.

8th Jul 2016, 08:01
Ok thank you guys! I guess i'll just don't expect it to have one so i can be happy if it does. :D

8th Jul 2016, 23:13
This something that will be decided upon towards the end of the season but we'll let you know either way!

10th Jul 2016, 03:10
+1 vote for platinum trophy