View Full Version : anyone crave for a mobile mmorpg( Japanese style), open world?

3rd Jul 2016, 19:02
Sword art onlinehttp://img04.deviantart.net/be57/i/2014/304/b/f/sword_art_online_ii_wallpaper_by_exede-d84sip9.png
Log horizonhttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Yor7oxa551A/UzN_jNhj5wI/AAAAAAAAJPM/xuEM3UN9Sd4/s1600/log-horizon-anime-noticia-pn.jpg
Grimgar of fantasy and ashhttp://ib.huluim.com/show_key_art/26619?size=1600x600&region=US
More and more SE has released many many classic and new JRPG on the mobile platform and while this is great but there's still many many more that remain Japan only! TBH, with the mobile technology growing so fast nowadays one would really hope that there's some big studio/game developers team could release a big open world mmorpg on the mobile platform(Android,ios,windows etc). Not that there's no such games in the market, there is and they are made in Japan, asobimo's Avable is one hell of great example and a good mobile mmorpg, the pc alike quality and feel on mobile. But still, there feels like something missing! Maybe because I generally play ARPG most of the time and those Korean Devs are doing such a great job of it, or maybe I just couldn't find any games on the market that similar to these animes above. The above animes got me so crave for a JRPG, a big open world mmorpg(Japanese style) that runs on mobile OS(Android, iOS, Windows etc). The ideas of mmorpg that these animes describe and how interesting it is if there's a actual game like that. SAO, no classes and skill came from weapons so that players can be any class base on the weapon of choice that they like. LH and grimgar is different, classes and sub-classes. Both idea are great too, with no classes to locks one down and the freedom that one can play any weaponry they wish for. While with classes and sub-classes there's also fun as the 2 you picked can help each. Most importantly is how each classes help and need help of the others.