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3rd Jul 2016, 15:02
To all Hitman fans. MrFreeze2244 will be doing a Livestream of one of my contracts today at 8pm GMT, 9pm CEST and 3pm ET. It will be a difficult contract so will be well worth the watch. Please head over to his YouTube channel to see a great contract and to have a laugh with other Hitman fans!! Thanks!! Also if you want to try it for yourselves it will be uploaded later to PS4 under the name of "Time to Sheikh things up"

3rd Jul 2016, 15:47
Why not just upload it now?

5th Jul 2016, 15:29
Anyone else find these desperate and annoying?

5th Jul 2016, 22:06
Anyone else find these desperate and annoying?

Possibly, but do you ever wonder why this community is toxic at times? It cuz of MISERABLE people like you that rather throw negative comments around instead of being happy for someone else. What's the point of a "community" if you're it's own worst enemy? Why do you come here and put this guy down? Does it bother you that much that he is looking for some fun from the community? You sound like a real anti social type of person in life and you really need to grow up. Like, seriously. We are on a video game forum talking about a video game. It's just too bad you DONT share the passion about it like some do. You must be a real boring person.

Leave the guy alone.

6th Jul 2016, 01:53
Anyone who isn't an over-reacting troll?

8th Jul 2016, 02:18
Wow there is absolutely no need for that. I'm all about discussing Hitman, that's why I'm here, but I just don't like the way you throw the ad out. Maybe I'm on my own on that, which is fine, no need to launch an attack.

8th Jul 2016, 14:04
Hi all,

Please remain respectful when voicing your opinion.

Anyone else find these desperate and annoying?

I don't find this to be the case, if s/he would have created multiple threads with the same goal then it would be annoying and also against our rules. But one thread is absolutely fine. I personally have little interest in seeing others play a game but part of a community is sharing things. Be it art work inspired by the game, tribute video's, re-cut trailers, walkthroughs and a LiveStream is just one of those as well.

It's absolutely fine that you are not interested in it, but I do think there are better ways to phrase, or more constructive ways to say it. Or just ignore a thread if you have no interest in it.

Anyone who isn't an over-reacting troll?

No, I do not agree with this statement. Having a different opinion in itself is by no means considered trolling. I do agree that the better way to phrase things applies to that post as well but by all accounts the goal of this community is not to be an echo chamber. To my knowledge it is for Hitman fans to discuss the game, ideas, and share things as I've already wrote above.

If you genuinely feel someone is trolling do report the post in question or PM the mods or Admin of the respective forum. Personally I consider calling other members trolls as namecalling which is against our rules. It also leads to the kind of response you received.

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this, I'd like the thread to get back to it's purpose no need to clutter it further. I'd add that while I did just quote only your posts, I want to be clear that this applies for all members.

8th Jul 2016, 21:21