View Full Version : Shutterbug "bug" as of 11/12/15 (smh)

29th Jun 2016, 23:04
11/12/15 is how long I've been waiting for the "Shutterbug" achievement to unlock. Like seriously, what the flipping *****! A few months from now it'll be a year. I check every few months to see the status on this specific achievement and it seems to me everyone who hasn't gotten it yet and is still waiting on it have given up. I play episode 4 all the way through every few months hoping Shutterbug would unlock. Played today as a matter of fact and still gotten nothing. Nada. Such a shame.

It's a well-thought beautiful game but this crap or "bug" is making me unhappy about it. I'm an achievement hunter and I feel bad for the other achievement hunters who encountered this as well. Worked through 100% every game until you think Life Is Strange would be a cake-walk achievement-wise, which it is, until you run into this bug. Thanks for screwing up my achievement hunting Dontod/Microsoft :thumb: and for not doing anything about it. Just lost a fan :wave: