View Full Version : SE is screwing over customers.. PLEASE READ.

29th Jun 2016, 02:01
This thread will probably get deleted and my account banned or whatever but I do not care. I am tired of companies like SE not caring about customers' rights. I have a friend who bought Through PSN on December of 2013 Final Fantasy 14. His buddy he allowed to play first to test the game out. Said buddy created a SE account on My friend's PSN name, The ps3 version was literally used once. Since then he bought it through SE on PC but since purchasing a PS4, He wished to play with certain friends either on PC or PS4 depending on the situation. As most of you know. Your SE account can be accessed on either system without the purchase of a second license. My friend Purchased the game on PSN once again for the PS4, however, he came into a problem. Apparently that dummy SE account linked with his PSN so he can not change between Systems. To try and rectify the situation, he called Customer support, They told him that they would not remove the link of a long since deleted SE account, They also told him that to be able to switch systems back and forth he would have to buy a new license for a separate PSN. I feel that is ridiculous first of all.

1. He has a current account on PC
2. He and his buddy deleted the said SE dummy account
3. He purchased the game again for the PS4

Customer support instead of listening and helping him, wanted the extra cash that was involved in purchasing a NEW license for the PS4. All they had to do was UNLINK the dummy account.

IF any of the customer support staff read this before or "after" I get banned for this. You people can email me or even call me. YOU SE are very lucky SONY reimbursed him for the PSN purchase of FF14. BUT you have lost 1 loyal customer, that always buys the Collector's Edition, and you also have lost the customer that continues to purchase final fantasy games for EVERY system I can find. I am hoping that the 5 people I know know 10 people so SE gets boycotted until they improve there support staff and fixes everything.