View Full Version : Loading A Saved Game Should Disqualify Leaderboard Score

27th Jun 2016, 18:02
I know most people could give 2 *****s about the LBs, but, I do. To that end, I find it ridiculous that you can save your game, re-load and it still have it register on the LBs. I have NO DOUBT that the very top scores are using save states to get their times. I do NOT want to have to resort to this tactic. Re-loading from a save state repositions targets and guards and allows for quicker times versus not using save states. It also allows you to get to a certain point in your run, save, and then attempt difficult sequences over and over until you get it just right or your target "moves into position" more quickly and there is no penalty. I am honestly not aware of any other game that allows you to load a save and it makes no difference on your score, but please feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken. On a side note, scores should also be significantly boosted by turning off all the "helpers" (akin to Absolution's Purist mode) and doing it all in your suit should boost it even further. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents. Feel free to call me a whiner ;-) :-)

28th Jun 2016, 15:12
I know most people could give 2 *****s about the LBs,

include me in this group. You pretty much summed it up in the rest of the post as to why leader boards don't belong in Hitman games. They are cheatable, hackable, broken anyway, so no point. "top scores"??, it's not Donkey Kong....