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7th Jul 2002, 13:43

I'm new here (well not entirely; I have been on the other Tomb Raider-forum before) and I have a very urgent question to you, guys! Here goes:

I wanted to play all Tomb Raider-games after each other in order to fully enjoy the next one when it comes out later this year. And then I noticed something strange that occured in all of the games which kept me from fully enjoying these games.

The problem is: I can't make Lara Croft run around in circels WHILE she's shooting! When I'm surrounded by several goons and I don't want to jump from one spot to another in order to kill them all, but I simply want to run around when firing, I can only run straight forward and NOT turn left or right or something. :eek:

Can anybody help me with this? PLEASE!

I know that it has something to do with the control settings. I have always played the Tomb Raider-games with this "block of four standard arrow keys" (which you'll find underneath the keys 'delete', 'end' and 'page down'). But when I use those, I can't make a turn when shooting. And that is because in the control settings, it's impossible to choose those arrow keys, so I use the NUMLOCK ARROW KEYS instead (you know: 8 = forward, 4 = left, 6 = right and 2 = down). And when I use those, I CAN move her around in all ways when shooting. I can always try and learn to play those games with the numlock arrow keys, but why doesn't my computer link the numlock arrow keys with the standard arrow keys? My other (much, much older computer) does!! :mad:

Sorry for rambling like that, but it's very annoying!

Please help a Tomb Raider-fanatic like me and I'll be forever greatful.


7th Jul 2002, 14:02
Have you tried holding 'up' and 'a direction' at the same time?

Better still, use a gamepad...it averages out the directions so you can move at an angle.

Better better still, try jumping side to side whilst firing; you make a harder target.

Better better better still, don't let them corner you so they are all in your immediate line of sight.

7th Jul 2002, 14:48
That is what I'm saying! :)

If I hold up and a direction at the same time, she just runs forward. Is there a way of linking my numlock-arrow keys and the standard ones, because when setting the controls for moving Lara Croft around, you CAN'T choose the standard arrow keys, but you HAVE TO use the numlock arrow keys! But I expected (as it has always worked before) that when doing this, the game (or my computer) would automatically put the link between those two, so I can easily move her around with the standard arrow keys as well rather than having to use the numlock-arrow keys! Got it? :(

Thnx anyways!

7th Jul 2002, 21:16

The Sage Of Time
7th Jul 2002, 23:13
It sounds to me your keyboard is limited to a certain number of key strokes.
This is a problem many people have with everyday life, it's not just a TR problem.
The only way around it is to either buy another keyboard or get a gamepad.
Another thing you could try is re-assigning the keys to another format that the keyboard "might" respond to.