View Full Version : Invalid key + No return Square for over one week

27th Jun 2016, 17:17

* I have a problem with my last purchase on Square-Enix store. I bought Eidos Anthology, the 16-06-2016, I logged on steam and I wanted to set my key. Steam but said the key is duplicated.

* So I contacted the square of customer service but I still had not returned. Same with the support services (http://support.eu.square-enix.com/index.php?la=2) is that my redirected steam on it. Whether to set this key issue or refund.

* I know what to do apart went to France to make a phone call or mail. :(

* Could you help me?

* Thank you

P.S .: I translated by Google translation, I do not speak English. (French)

28th Jun 2016, 13:31
Problem solved