View Full Version : faviorite level on tr4

7th Jul 2002, 12:03
this is probebly the 1000000 time this has been done but i was just thinking wot were ppls favirite lelels out of the 1s stated on tr4 my favirite is probebly guardia of semerket because it was just fun but wot is every 1 else??? post em here

7th Jul 2002, 12:10
i mean sets of levels not set levels

8th Jul 2002, 05:15
I liked all the levels except 'trenches'. I thought that level was just a mess

8th Jul 2002, 06:38
yes, my favorite on this game
but my favorite game was #3 :D

Raider of relics
8th Jul 2002, 11:26
I liked most the Alexandria and Giza levels

purple rain
8th Jul 2002, 12:43
alexandria i guess